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An exciting journey of a high school girl, Olivia along with her friends.
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Deep inside Leviathan
"Wait. Don't go there. Where are you going Olivia ? Do you know if that place is safe or not? Oh! I can't push myself back. I need to go there. Someone is calling me ! Yes ..yes! I am sure there's my need. I must go there. Oh! I am almost there. What is this place? Why does it not look strange to me? Have I come here before? I seen this place. It feels like this is my very place." Olivia's inner voices fought among themselves. She couldn't handle her actions.

She was in a place where no one could find her. A natural force took her there. It was a cave . The name carved on the entry stone was 'LEVIATHAN'. She moved inside the dark cave all alone.

"Have you seen Olivia, Jack?", Anne questioned .

"I was almost there but couldn't catch her. I think she will return sooner or later by her own. Just wait till noon.", Jack replied.

"But the teacher has to take us to view another site. Is it right to go there leaving her alone?" Anne hesitated.

Jack without caring much went towards his fellow mates in order not to miss any part. Anne too followed him but it was difficult for her to leave her friend.

"Come on students. All of you stand in a queue. We have to reach to another destination very soon.", said the teacher.

The students ran in a frenzy. All climbed the buses and left the forest except one.
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