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Invisible matters of the mind turned real into the written word.
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More Power To You
“Does it work?”

“You know it does. This isn’t new. Just refined.” Using natural body processes to produce the effects of micro-batteries for medical devices had been around a while. The associated health benefits with attached micro devices proved enormous.

The last step was to set up monitoring all this, across networked hospitals, medical facilities and suppliers. It was a natural progression that with the pandemic, had just been a matter of time.

“So we’re geared up? Ready to go?” All done magically to everyone taking a shot or disguised in a simple pill. Nano-bionic robots sweeping throughout bloodstreams in decades of preparation ready to unite in their common task.

“Got to check the serial feed, but yeah.” Marshall Thomas, bio-physicist stared at his companion. “Ready to link up?”

Sherry Anderson didn’t feel any different. Human power was about to change the world. It was a good thing that it was. Climate change ruined prospects for wind and hydro energy. Gas and oil were outlawed. They were worn out sources, anyway. It was past time for humans to boost themselves up by their bootstraps and use themselves.

With eight billion humans taking up space the answer should have been obvious. People’s bodies balance energy input and output each day of their entire lives. Good short term battery storage. It took a genius like Marshall Thomas to connect the dots and take the next step.

Instant access to the greatest hive super computer ever dreamed of. Think of the problems it could solve. On a physical basis, there were equal benefits, too many to deal with. They’d be sorted out as the need arose. For now it was enough to know with the right amount of basic storage power, they could feed the world, reduce if not eliminate disease, stimulate or reduce emotional reaction enough to prevent war.

Sherry Anderson couldn’t wait to become a leading part of this act. With the new filters in place, Marshal Thomas had created, it would all take place automatically, without anyone having to do anything or having to think about it.

He turned to her, eyes agleam, his fingers finishing their tender touch flicking switches in the room. The thrill of it all shone there on his face, so bright it began to turn sunburn red. Sweat steamed off him in clouds.

“Marshal? Turn it off. Something’s wrong.” Sherry Anderson felt overheated. The same thing was happening to her. It was more than all the excitement of reaching this pinnacle of achievement.

Dials spun into red. They hadn't anticipated a system overload. “Too much power. Too many people,” the biophysicist seemed to lose all the water he was made of, in front of his assistant’s eyes. She, an instant later, felt herself evaporating away from every pore.

Around the world the amount of water vapor rising turned the earth into human rain. The land became floods washing the remains of mankind away. For a while, the hydro power was immense.

In the final analysis, It was true, what the bible said. The few poor souls, who never had medical care or internet service and weren’t plugged into modern society, and could swim like a fish, yes, the poor had inherited what was left of the earth.

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