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An exciting journey of a high school girl, Olivia along with her friends.
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What Time Is It?
"Look there!", Jack exclaimed, " Isn't she Olivia ?"

"Indeed. She is Olivia. We've finally found her.", Anne replied.
"Let's wake her up. We should move out faster . This is not a safe place.", she added.

They both shouted in one voice," OLIVIA!!! Wake up! We are here. No need to worry."

Olivia stood straight rubbing her eyes. " How come you two have founded me? You are great! I just entered here ten minutes ago and when I woke up I saw you. I am glad to have friends like you. Let's move out quickly to view the jungle. We'll return here tomorrow . ", she spoke cheerfully.

"Wait! What? Are you planning to come here tomorrow as well?", Anne asked her confusingly.

" Yes. Of course we have a two day trip so we have one day more."

"No. You were there inside for the whole night and it is the second and last day of trip. What's wrong with you Olivia", Jack shouted .

"Okay. Maybe I slept more. Let's go back.", saying this Olivia came out of the cave with her friends.

"My God!! It's night. The stars are shining bright in the darkness."

Anne looked for the bus and she found that everyone has gone and they are left alone in that mysterious time-catching jungle.
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