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Arguing with Myself!
No particular prompt today, as Feb is an "off" month from 30 Day Blogging. It has been six days since I last wrote an entry and today I'm doing it as a therapy of sorts. Yesterday and today have been a roller coaster sort of period and since I don't really have anyone to talk it all over with, I decided to "talk" it out here.

My health has decided to go wonky on me. I like my new doctor but she's a little overbearing. Yesterday she threatened to put me in the hospital. She's got me on three heart pills, fluid pills, potassium, three asthma meds, and yesterday she called and said my blood work came back showing I was significantly anemic. How is that even possible? I'm not bleeding anywhere! So, she's put me on iron pills three times a day. After I made such a fuss at her overzealousness about giving me pills...I wake up this morning with a nose bleed. How on earth does one get a nose bleed from sleeping?? As if my health isn't exasperating me enough, there is more at work.

So, Feb 3rd I went into the Motel office to pay up for the month of Feb. The lady swipes my card and it is declined. Ok, it's an old card, I've had it now for almost 4 years, so I agree for her to swipe it again. It declines again. This time she puts in a random amount and swipes again...and again and by this time I'm telling her to stop and I'll call to see what is going on.

I call the card. The first person I talked to, after being on hold for over an hour said the transaction DID in fact go through. I was told to have the motel call their corporate office. THEY said NO, they did not get the payment AND if payment is not made by the end of THAT day, we would have to leave. This was after I'd already given them $139 in cash! So, back on the phone to the card company. This time when I talked to someone, they said NO. The money was still on my card but it was flagged for possible fraud and the money was being held. I would have to file a claim dispute. Ok..Fine...I said let's do that. Um..no...the absolute ONLY way to do this is for them to MAIL the dispute papers to me via snail mail and it will take 2-5 business days! I tried explaining to them I'd be homeless by then, but they said there was nothing else they could do.

I went back to the motel office and explained all this. And because the card was declined on the first swipe, they are maintaining I never had the money to begin with...and if I don't pay up by 1pm Sat...we will be forced to leave. So, I've got dispute papers coming to a place I may or may not still be at. And the only way to get my money is to fill out those papers and send them back! I've spent the last two days calling anyone and everyone I can think of..but NO ONE can help. They always refer me somewhere else.

I have until tomorrow to Fix all this...or I really have no idea what we will do. Now, I've been arguing with myself the last few days. On one hand, I want to panic and get worried but on the other hand, I keep telling myself everything will be OK. I mean, I know God is with me and I know what the Bible says but boy those wolves are sure snapping close to my heels this time!

Anyway, thank you for lending me your ears and letting me spill all this out. I KNOW better times are on the horizon. :)

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