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An exciting journey of a high school girl, Olivia along with her friends.
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An Extra Day
By now things started to become comprehensible. Olivia was constantly getting an intuition that she hasn't come there but someone has brought her. The lonely and once depressed Olivia started realizing some magic over there. She knew it was not an ordinary jungle. The more mysterious it was, the more Olivia wanted to explore.

"Don't stay here. Let's find some place to sleep and then tomorrow morning we will start our journey", said Olivia.

"What to find? Don't we already have the cave to stay?", Anne interrupted.

"No. It is a time catching cave and we don't know yet that it is safe or not. I think we should first make some fire. It's getting cold here."

"Okay. Let me help for today but tomorrow surely we are going to find a way to get out of this peculiar place", Jack spoke.

The three kids started searching for wood and created fire over a place. They spread large banana leaves on ground and sat there.

Next morning, Jack awakened first. "Olivia! Anne! Wake up girls. No need to stay here any longer. Its morning already."

" Can't we stay here for just today? Please Jack. We will surely leave this place after evening",Olivia asked childishly doing some hand gestures.

Though Jack denied at first, he agreed to her pleading later as he didn't wanted to disappoint her.

"Yay! Let's have more fun. At least we don't need to complete our assignments here", Anne laughed.
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