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Exploring the Realm of Poetic Gibberish, in a Poetic Sort of way...
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A Blitzing Poetic Free writes Of Life
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Chapter/Entry Title: The Blitzing Poetic Free writes Of Life
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Note: This was a first draft free write blitz poem I scribbled down one day. has some potential but needs a good edit and revision of sorts.

The Blitzing Poetic Free writes Of Life

Through Wright’s of passage
Through passages of life
Life we embrace
Life to the end
End of sorrows
End of tears
Tears of joy
Tears so dear
Dear Love embraced
Dear Love’s lost
Lost in life’s ways
Lost and in pain
Pain confusion
Pain of laughter
Laughter of life
Laughter in flight
Flight of the spirit
Flight of the soul
Soul is lost
Soul then found
Found enlightened the new life
Found now living in love’s light
Light of the spirits
Light is our guide
Guide through darkness
Guide through life’s paths
Paths of a journey
Paths of knowledge
Knowledge acquired
Knowledge understood
Understood from the heart
Understood as wisdom
Wisdom comes hard
Wisdom enlightens
Enlightens the path
Enlightens our hearts
Hearts that sometimes ache
Hearts and aches part of our path
Path of journeys we take
Path of choices made
Made in haste
Made in waste
Waste some their time
Waste some their lives
Lives lived to the fullest
Lives of some little regret
Regret not for wisdom's love
Regret not for wisdom learned
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