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Power of Prayer
First, I would like to give a huge *HeartP* Thank You *HeartP* to all my friends who sent get well wishes, c-notes, Valentines, and most of all prayers over the last few weeks. They touched my heart and I have no doubt aided in the speed of my recovery and well-being.

Why is it we say, "well, all I can do for you is pray for you." As if it is a last-ditch effort, not even worthy of mentioning? As if it is some lame line spoken when we don't know what else to say. For those of you who say you will pray for someone and then DO pray for someone, don't we know that is the single most powerful thing one can do for someone else?? To come before our Heavenly Father, Creator of ALL mankind, and to uplift the name of the person and ask our Father on their behalf for their need...Do not ever underestimate the power and importance of Prayer! The Bible, God's own word says if two of you on Earth agree as touching anything they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father, which is in heaven." That can be found in Mathew 18:19.

So each and every prayer you prayed, on my behalf was done. As I am home and well again. Our Father heard your prayers. And I believe he will continue to heal me until I am as he created me to be.

An EKG and Stress test revealed my heart is enlarged and there is a small "spot" on the lower left side. However, the Doctor said if he used the usual method for clearing it, the procedure would permanently damage my kidneys. Therefore, he thinks the best thing to do is to monitor it and make sure it doesn't get larger. My kidneys suffered an injury. They didn't shut down but we're close to it. As of now, they are working within what they call normal. But it wouldn't take much for them to be hurt again.

My current focus is on cutting as much sodium from my diet as possible and eating/drinking things that are gentle on my kidneys. I was not put on any new medications, for which I am thankful. I will, however, start looking for things that are good and healthy for both heart and kidneys and do my best to pamper and protect them. Ideas and suggestions are more than welcome *Smile*

I was actually released from the hospital Sunday. However, by the time the hospital arranged transportation for me, the winter storm hit. I was stuck at the hospital Sunday-Tuesday due to the storm and the transport companies were shut down due to the ice. At one point I was told an ambulance was on its way to take me home. I got up, signed all the discharge paperwork, they removed the IV from my arm and nine hours later, was told the ambulance had been involved in a fender bender and was not coming. 9:45 PM Tuesday evening someone finally came to transport me home.

I was home only a few hours when the fire alarm went off. The water pipes in the motel busted and water somehow got into the fire alarm system. Not only did we not have any water...we learned they could not, by law, completely disable the fire alarm! It rang loud and clear from Tuesday night until just a few hours ago. Pretty sure the office was flooded with complaints and unhappy people. Water is still not on yet, but at least it is quiet.

And ALL of this I could just smile and be filled with peace because I knew of even larger miracles God had worked earlier in the week! Oh yes, things could have been so much worse.

Right before I went into the hospital we were having trouble as I mentioned previously. We were really struggling to keep the motel room. I had been making numerous phone calls looking for help and everywhere I called said pretty much the same thing. No one had resources, everyone was over full, and not able to help anyone else. Wednesday came and it was clear we could not pay our rent. Fred had everything packed up, we gave what little we had to someone who needed it and Fred scored a wayward grocery cart to put out stuff in. We were at the point now we were planning simple survival. He was trying to get as many blankets as possible, Filling plastic bottles with water. We discussed best places to go...safest places to hole up and our eye was on the dumpster at a Sonic nearby that had closed down. The dumpster was enclosed on all sides and was able to be secured from both the inside and outside. And, it didn't stink. We decided that would be our safest and best place to hole up at night. Ahh but we had NO idea of the winter storm headed our way!

People...some of you even....were praying for us. Less than an HOUR to the time we had to vacate the motel room, Fred's Nephew called someplace and gave Fred a number of a lady to call....He called the lady. She is a worker at the Salvation Army and her mission is she helps the homeless get out of dangerous weather. Because of the deadly winter storm headed our way...she was willing and paid for us to extend our stay ONE WEEK!! By the hair of our chinny chin chin and by the grace of God we kept our motel room and did not end up sleeping at Sonic. Had we been on the street, we surely would have died. THAT is the POWER of PRAYER!!

Not only that...but Thursday I was laying in the hospital bed wondering what we needed to do and you know how your mind goes in a million directions and I had a to do list a mile long, and was frustrated cos I was there stuck in a bed...the paperwork I'd been waiting on STiLL had not come. Something told me just call the debit card and find out the balance. I knew it was a waste of time. I had not filled out the paperwork to have the problem sorted out and the paper work was somewhere in the mail. But, I called and the money...ALL the money was BACK on the card!! All $700 was back in the balance and I called the office manager at the motel immediately and got our rent squared away for the rest of the month!! So, no worries until March now :)

God has really, really looked after us this past month and has moved in mighty and powerful ways. I attribute that to my friends here...the ones who have reached out by faith and prayed a prayer.

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