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Notes from my lessons learned back in 2001 on tools for healing and living life!
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Words from the heart ❤️ 6 year's later.
Welcome 🤗
Little did I (or anyone)
Know 2020 would change our lives the way it has done and continues...
Over the 17 years I've done my writing and sharing my soul and life here ( when time permitting).
I started this back in 2015.
Looking back my life was filled with raising Grandchildren with special needs.
I was given an opportunity to be a caregiver and teacher to a toddler boy on the Autism spectrum.
And having to figure out,how to help him.
In a system that seemed not to know itself.
There were times I felt like Anne Sullivan trying to help Helen Keller.
My childhood heroes in first grade.
The university here had many programs,yet used young students to use the children as stepping stones to their education.
Remembering my sister and I waiting in a room as her 3 year old non-verbal grandson was lead to a room. In a few minutes we heard his screaming, and raced to see what was wrong.
I opened the door to see him still in his heavy winter coat and hat on sweating and crying.
He had thrown a chair towards her,a teenage girl stood there, looking like a deer in the headlights.
We took off his coat comforting him as we left. Very pissed off at the so called experts, receiving big bucks for unacceptable behavior.
I did more to help him with patience and determined to teach him how to communicate to be able to live in the world we do.
I will detail it in time.suffice to say,he is reading above his grade,has a witty sense of humor and a great heart.
There is so much I've seen and done in a lifetime of travel.
It will take me some time to get these down in some order.
I want to be an inspiration,as I have been in all these years!
Thanks for hanging in there and hi y'all to the newcomers.
Zei Gezunt--be well ( Yiddish I learned from a very good soul named Goldie,who passed too soon in April of 2020)🙏🕯️❤️.
To be continued...

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