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Rated: 18+ · Book · Romance/Love · #2244718
Finding love in forbidden places
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Love Bites
Sometimes, love bites.

Recorded sessions and clinical notes
Couples therapy, Alexandrea and Timothy Rice
October 31st 2020 - February 14, 2021
Doctor Richard Robertson, M.D. - Psychiatrist in residence
ShadyBrook Institute for Paranormal, Occult and Supernatural Studies

1st week November, 2020
Recording of husband’s interview and case study outline

Being married to a female vampire sucks. Literally. I don’t mean to complain, Alexa is everything a man could want in a mate but we need help to make this relationship last. I guess you want to know how we met. My version is different from her’s, of course.

There I was minding my own business, a midnight shift caretaker at a graveyard, when she flew in out of nowhere and went batty over me. Talk about flattery. I’d never had a woman act like that. I was hypnotized by her first glance. Alexa couldn’t get enough of me. The attraction was immediate both ways. We didn’t talk much, too busy necking until dawn.

I guess we wore each other out. We’d ended up at a mausoleum for privacy. Both of us slept the day away like the dead. Before then, my graveyard shift had been boring. Not anymore. Alexa liked to help me with my rounds, having an avid interest in prowlers recently coming around.

We’d had problems with stolen headstones, flowers, strangely marked graffiti, dead animal sacrifices to who knew what, that kind of thing. Never had anything more to worry about once Alexa sank her fangs into the perpetrators. She has this cutest foreign accent. When she got back from one of her forays, she’d give me a toothy smile, kiss me, nibble my lip and whisper her last conquest had been “Bloody good.”

Professional note: subject is pale and agitated. Keeps rubbing a hickey on his neck. Say’s his wife had to fly off somewhere on business. Would be in later for a late night session if that could be arranged. Because of the unusual circumstances of the beginnings of this relationship, I agreed to make special allowances. Other than this hyper sensual gothic fixation with the man’s wife, he appears normal. Prescribed an iron infusion I performed in the office after taking Timothy Rice’s blood count. Couples therapy recommended rather than individual or group.

Recording of wife’s interview and case notes

Thanks for seeing me so late, doctor. Isn’t Timothy a doll? He’s so human in everything he does and he’s willing to try anything together I suggest. I think something may be wrong with me. I am besotted and may be addicted to him.

How we met? It was a very grave situation that night for me. My blind date I’d made online never showed up. I get that reaction sometimes. I think I had an impression he saw me, turned tail and ran. It was kind of depressing. It had happened more than once. You’d be surprised what a girl like me has to deal with where men are concerned. Religious coots reveal themselves quoting the bible, trying to throw holy water on me while offering a necklace with a cross for me to wear. Can’t stand having anything like that around my neck. I try to please them but religious freaks morals won’t allow them to relax and enjoy our time together.

For some a little necking on the first date isn’t enough. A few get mad and start getting rough. I’ve had to fight off having a wooden stake thrust through my heart. Sheesh, just ‘cause they can’t have me, they don’t want anyone else to either. Timothy wasn’t like that.

He works the graveyard shift, I guess he already shared all that business stuff men like to talk about. Anyway, I was feeling kind of flighty and wanted to stretch my wings a bit. I thought I needed some time alone to think things out. Cemeteries are quiet places and there he was.

Timothy says the first time he saw me, he didn’t think I was real. I kind of attacked him, thinking here’s another creep doing weird things in weird places in the middle of the night. Then our eyes met and it was beautiful. He acted like he went into some kind of trance.

I tried to snap him out of it but he was too far gone. I’ve never had a man act like that so intensely before. It turned out to be a night that will live forever as will our love, if I have anything to do about it. Timothy looks so gentle and caring but he could turn into something else if I let him, once we get close up and personal.

We’re working on that, figuring out how to strike a balance. I’m hoping that’s where you can help us. He’s beginning to act really worn out.

Professional Note: The wife has developed an inhuman bond with her mate. No mention of a marriage ceremony. Both sides have no religious affiliation. It is assumed their joint commitment has sealed their bargain. One lonely man, one lonely woman, this relationship was bound to happen.

It is time to see them together, examine their interaction. One would think their togetherness is a bit one sided, solely based on a sensual physical attraction that cannot last. I’ve handed out some marriage profile sheets for them to fill out and return to give them some homework on how they compare with other couples and their interests.

1st week December, 2020
Joint marriage counseling session

How’s it going, you two? Let me glance over your profiles while you tell me what you’ve learned from them. You go first Alexa.

We had a row. It was quite disturbing. At first it was romantic meeting in the crypt. It made it easier to be close. He felt bad I had to sleep in an open dirt filled coffin. We both decided to save money where we could, until we could move in someplace better and buy stuff we need. Timothy and I sat down to fill out our profiles together. It was quite revealing to get each other’s point of view.

Quite a bit has happened since we last met with you. Timothy’s boss found out about us and came down hard. It could have broken us apart. Timothy is more passive in nature. I made the man realize he was sick of his job and could catch his death because of it. The boss quit suddenly, leaving his position open for Timothy to take his job.

We moved out of the crypt into the funeral parlor. With Timothy having to work days, we don’t see each other as often as we used to. I’ve taken over his old position on the midnight shift. It is so hard finding good help. They act so drained while I am showing them the ropes that it is hardly worth the effort to keep them long enough to pay their first check.

I hope Timothy isn’t turning into a work-a-holic. I miss him and the times we had together making do. He seems to thrive on work, never looked healthier so it has its plus side, I guess.

And you, Timothy? How do you feel about adjusting to these changes?

I’m fine, I guess. No money problems, now. Funeral service is a lucrative a business. People can’t stop dying. Alexa misses the night life she used to have but has filled in drawing blood out of corpses and making them look pretty. She’s gotten good at makeup for the open caskets so I don’t worry about that end at all.

The two of us still have a lively sex life when we find time but its a struggle to find common interests other than our work. I hate to fly. That’s a primo activity for Alexa. Same with nightlife. I’m no party hound. Having kids isn’t an option. She won’t even discuss that. I guess we may be growing apart, unless you can help us figure out how to come up with a powerful common interest.

Alexa, how do you feel about that?

I don’t know what to do. I keep trying to make him into my own image. If he would only try to see things more my way, it would solve his problem. He won’t.

Alexa and Timothy, you two are wrapped up in each other to an amazing degree. Your sexuality has been a blessing and a bloody curse. I am proud of the way you are becoming aware of your own needs and each other’s individuality. I think we are at a crossroads point. Your relationship can go either way. Here’s what I’d like you to try.

Case Note:
This couple needs a therapy pet, something of flesh and blood to bond with outside themselves to care for together. A bit of an unusual one is in order, along with some drama, and a bit of nature’s magic on display will be required.

I’ve arranged to meet Timothy and Alexa for a home visit at their cemetery during a romantic full moon at its height during the coming midnight hour on Thursday next, when I’ll make my offering. Their curiosity is already evident and quite charming.

They held hands, all excited at these prospects, as they left with more questions than answers buzzing between them. We’ll see.

Second Week, December 2020
Home visit

It is so cold and foggy. Do you think he lost his way? The tombstones weep with moisture clinging to their graves as if longing to release their burdens. It is no night for me to take flight. Stay with me, Timothy. Stay close. I need your love and warmth.

By my watch midnight has just come and gone. There. A ghostly apparition grows and nears. See? It hesitates as I wave. This night is chilling, indeed. Is it man or beast. What has our good doctor released in our midst? How does he expect us to know what to do when this strange pet of his arrives?

There. There. Oh, those piercing deep green eyes in the fog. Some wild brute of an animal has found us. Hear its threatening growl. Stand back, Timothy. It bares fangs slavering for purchase on more than mist. Perhaps I can scare it away with my own.

I never knew such love before, a willingness to offer up your life for my own, sweet beauty and desire, we’ll face this together or not at all, Alexa. Look at the size of that beast. Surely, it can be no tame pet. It sees us and stiffens its legs and paws. A gray wolf is upon us and has found our midnight tryst. See how it measures as it circles us, fading and appearing within the tendrils of this mist.

How strange. For a moment I thought a man appeared where the wolf stood, speared by the sudden appearance of a shaft of the full moon striking the mist away. Is it our good therapist, arrived victim to join this adventure’s strange repast? Gone. Dear Timothy. What are we to do?

I am at a loss. It is playing with us. Sound does not carry. The night crawls in gloomy silence upon where the dead lie. Turn, dear one, back to back, that we might face whatever the future may bring, together.

Well, hello. Am I late? You were rather hard to find. Why do you stand there trembling in a lover’s knot? You were expecting me. It is the agreed upon hour. Here am I and your new pet. Timothy, your hair is raised and you tremble not with the cold. Alexa, you bare your teeth at me in not a pretty grin. I am most sorry if it is my appearance that frightened you both. Let me introduce your new pet and be quick about it, before you lose your nerve.

My eyes deceive me, Timothy. Man? Wolf? Therapist, All three?

Dear heart, Alexa, I was ready for anything but this. Man turned wolf, a wolfman, a changeling, offering us it's true sight, now under our care in its honest guise. Ready to go hunting together this night of nights.

Case Note
The three of us have learned to work together. Timothy willingly offers his humanity up as bait. Alexa flys aloft searching and I in either therapist or therapy pet form, nose around sniffing out whatever evil fate may offer to our combined wits. A witch’s coven meeting, zombie parade, there are a variety of secret inhabitants of Timothy and Alexa’s graveyard they were not aware of.

A new passion flame is lit between them. Sometimes, I join them, sometimes, not. They are learning the dark secrets of the nether world, how to manage and control it to best advantage. They feel needed. Their love has met the test.

I have other patients to see in need of counseling, who have yet to see that love light. It is a joy to have traveled this path with the couple who now act together as one. I look forward to being a welcome guest preying upon some new novelty they have discovered and desire to share in a midnight hour.

As a marriage counselor, I am proud to say, my technique works.

February 14th, 2021

Timothy and Alexa have found the nexus portal opening up their graveyard to all manner of noxious other world denizens. I am proud of them. A certain demon haunts the boundaries of their domain. They have invited me along to do battle and subdue it

The two have grown in ability and strength as well as necessary guile and cunning. I hope it will not require us to enter through that portal to chase the demon down. It is an imp of cruel and twisted trickery. Those manifestations and freakish spirits released to do its will which abound in the graveyard are the clues that will be its undoing.

The couple has agreed to a group therapy session with others of my patients, this star filled lovers night. The hunt is on.
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