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Rated: 18+ · Book · Horror/Scary · #2222317
Invisible matters of the mind turned real into the written word.
#1005803 added March 4, 2021 at 3:54pm
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The Perfect Solution
Jeffery Smith was a perfectionist. “Everything looks perfect. That's how you know something's amiss.”

He was the best quality control expert that Ace Inc. ever had. “I’ve cut costs, tortured and murdered sloppy plans. I’ve made a hatchet job of Industrial waste.”

Jeffery Smith gave the white glove treatment to the dustiest corner of the plant. The lowliest janitor shivered in terror at his approach. “Said he thought I was wanting to grow trees. Got me docked a week’s worth of pay. Good is never good enough.” Jose Emeraz leaned on his broom and just shook his tired, gray haired old head.

“If he spent as much time correcting his own damn faults as he does on everybody else’s . . .” A lightbulb went on inside the Mexican’s head that glinted in his eyes. “Wouldn’t take much to lay a trap.”

That proved harder than Jose thought it would. Jeffery Smith lived and breathed perfection in everything he wore, motion he made and in the clipped English lash of words spilling forth from his tongue. “Jose. Caught you sweeping spilled coffee grounds from the lunch room under the rug. I hope you were saving them for your last meal. This is your second warning in less than a week. Third time and you won’t have to try cleaning up your act. You won’t have a job.”

So it had come down to that. Jose was on the man’s radar screen. He was becoming a sacrificial lamb. If Jeffery Smith couldn’t find something wrong . . . “It just might drive that control freak insane.” Jose’s mental lightbulb burst into flame.

“Of course, nothing is perfect,” explained Jose to Maria Sanchez, bathroom attendant to the top floor executive branch. “I just need to keep one step ahead of him long enough to get the desired effect.”

“Que bonita, jefe. I knows how to make him shit his pants.” The bread crumbs along this path to glory could easily go astray.

Maria needed her job to send money back to her family in Honduras in order to keep them alive. “I done wanna’ be your patsy. You’s got to be one your own self. You want to get this one’s goat, you is risking cutting your own throat.”

She made slicing motions with her hands, leaned up and gave Jose kisses to make it feel better. “I loves you silly, but no can do. Fo’ gets about tit.” Whereupon, she rubbed up against Jose to remind him where the real articles lay.

Now, Maria knew perfectly well the lay of the executive land. It was a balancing act keeping a hands off policy by the rich perverts more or less married to their jobs, wanting a fling with her well endowed curves. Working midnights helped, but lately Jeffery Smith had taken up stalking her during these hours. “Ez a beeg patootee, nevah gives up.”

“He think it perfectly fine to get his self into my pants. Que Lastima. This amor solemente por usted.”

“Por su puesto. I have had enough.” Jose’s dark eyebrows knitted together as steam came out of his ears. “No one mess with my woman.” And, so the trap was laid.

It worked perfectly, except for it murdering the wrong man. A junior executive hot on the heels of Maria Sanchez, pushed Jeffry out of the way. “Go find something wrong somewhere else, buddy. Nothing wrong here, staring into my face.”

Jose spilled his mop bucket of hot water accidentally on purpose as Maria’s wiggling buns fled into a bathroom stall. Instead of slipping it into Maria, the executive slipped, slid and flipped landing on his head.

The new corpse continued moving, wedging itself against the door. “Oh. That’s just perfect.” Jeffery announced, pounding on the other side. His frustration faded away along with himself.

“Wha’ we gonna’ do?” Maria stared down at the stiff while listening to Jeffery’s echoing footsteps walk away.

“This is his fault. I’m going to stuff this stuffed up shirt in Jeffery’s office closet. If he doesn’t have a skeleton hiding there, he soon will. Es fin.” Jose used Maria’s cleaning cart to good effect. He borrowed her keys to the executive offices and left a deposit he felt Jeffery richly deserved.

Thinking Maria was easy and willing to please, the next night Jeffery was right there. He’d slept away the previous day at home dreaming of their encounter. “Teach that junior executive. Got his ass fired for changing his efficiency report. So shamed he didn’t bother showing up today.”

Jeffery followed Maria with his eyes as she dusted his office. “You don’t need to feel nervous, sweetheart. I’ll do all the feeling up for both of us.”

He leered, opened his wallet to display a fan of greenbacks on his desk. “A little extra pay for extra service.”

“No. No, senior.” A dance began between Maria with her cleaning cart and Jeffery Smith hopping, arms and legs swinging, excitedly towards her from the other side. It was the perfect opportunity he had been searching for. No other executive was working this late.

The dusk colored curves of Maria’s cheap work uniform began parting with each violent push and shove. The sight tore everything else from Jeffery’s wild eyed glances. Perfection upon perfection grew revealed as breast followed thigh into view. “Stop teasing,” he screamed.

The work cart was torn from Maria’s grasp. “Give it to me,” Jeffery cried, tearing at his immaculate suit, ripping it at its seams.

Frightened out of her wits, Maria grabbed at a bottle of cleaning spray. Stinging mist streamed into Jeffery’s eyes. “You bitch. Who do you think you are? I can’t see.”

He used the cart as a battering ram to pin Maria to the wall. “I’ll take what’s mine.”

Pinned in place, Maria got ready to use her nails and teeth as weapons. She felt as if she were living in another world. “Jose, where are you?”

On cue, her old janitor burst through into the office. He kept right on going, building up speed. One hand wrenched Jeffery’s head as if Jose held a mop. “I’ll clean your clock,” Jose promised.

“You’ll kill him,” Maria whimpered sliding down the wall.

Jeffery’s body was already lifeless, tumbling down beside her, neck broken, head turned askew. She began shivering every bone in her body. Her hands cupped her face, “What we going to do?”

“Perfect solution es down in the basement, pore favor, for both, mister executive in the closet and Jeffery Smith.”

They used the cleaning cart to straighten up the office and carry the two bodies to the elevator. Jose got to work. One corpse sloshed in a barrel of concentrated sulfuric Muriatic acid with the other corpse dissolving in a next door neighbor. "Perfecto."

Jeffery Smith had finally met a perfect solution without anything going amiss.

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