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Bible thoughts and Random Notes...

"The father shall not be put to death for the children,
nor the children for the father, but everyone shall die for his own sin."
(Deuteronomy 24:16)

If a husband believes his wife is impregnated by another man,
he can have a Rabbical abortion. The Rabbi gives a potion to the wife to drink.
If she has a miscarriage, then the Rabbi will curse her for adultery.
(Numbers 5:14-28)

Jesus condemned all those who rejected him as the Messiah.
"Obey or I will kill you." (Luke 19:27)

The Council of Nicea AD 325 condemned the Gnostic Gospels for heresy.
The Gnostic Gospel of Mary claimed that Mary Magdalene married Jesus
and Jesus wanted her to lead his Church.
The Gnostic Gospels stated that Jesus did not believe he was God.

(Genesis 6:15) The Nephilim the Sons of God took human wives.
The Nephilim were attracted to the long hair of Adam's daughters.
According to the Book of Jubile, Eve had daughters.
Nephilim children became giants and ate human flesh.

(Corinthian 10:6) "If a woman does not cover her head she should shave her head.
For this reason, the woman ought to have a symbol of authority on her head,
because of the Angels."

If the Jews are the chosen people why do Christians claim to be the new Church of Christ?
Islam is the largest Church of the Old and New Testament. Is Mohamed the Messiah?
Do nonChristians go to Hell? Is Budha in Hell?
Is Dr. Neil Degrassi Tyson going to Hell for being an atheist?

Wanting something to be true does not make it true.
The question should not be, "Do you believe it?", but what evidence do have.

Cush is the son of Ham and the parent of Nimrod.
Cush is the ancestor of the dark-skinned people of Ethiopia, the black Jews.
(Genesis 22-25) Ham saw his father Noha naked.
"Cursed be Ham a servant of servants shall he be."
Noha cursed Ham and Ham's, descendants.


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