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Invisible matters of the mind turned real into the written word.
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Tripping Out
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“You dropped this.”

“Why, thank you.”

For romantics like Marva Lee Parker, love is a mystery, a thrill of suspense. The whys and wherefores mixing fate with idle chance made her a sacrificial offering to Cupid’s arrow.

“Don’t I know you?”

“I would remember. Where have we met?”

Starky Lee Adams handed over the monogrammed lace hanky, feeling their fingers momentary caress. He was a ladies man, well mannered, cultured, rich and well dressed. The vagaries of Cupid were not in his itinerary. The only mystery in his life was in how long it would take to get what he wanted, how long that would last and what would be next.

“Perhaps in Deja Vu? It is a common meeting place for lovers, don’t you think?”

“You make me blush, faint with your uncommon flirting, sir. I think I must sit down.”

Marva lee Parker lived in a well inhabited fantasy land of ever changing made up beliefs. From pirates to princes, scallywags to CEO’s, the men adorning her sense of reality all waited for the moment that embraced her.

“Please. I usually am not so bold. Let me get you something to drink.”

“A glass of water, if you would be so kind.”

The hotel lobby offered the sight of a convention table before a door with a variety of colored liquids in clear plastic cups laden on it. Starky got in the back of the short line, unobtrusively joined hands reaching for freshly poured brew and withdrew. He had gotten what he wanted without an adieu.

Too many faces crowded together. He side-stepped, nudged and made his way back to his prey. A dark haired middle aged matron sat in her place.

“Pardon me? Did you see where the blonde sitting here went?”

“That is no mystery. She’s the guest speaker. See? She’s up on the diyas getting ready.”

Marva Lee Parker caught his eye, winked, saluted him with a raised glass of water. She dabbed her lips with the lace hanky as if sealing their shared glance with a kiss. The hunt was on, the chase begun, romance yet to be won.

“We both seem to be speakers. Mind if I sit next to you?”

“Please do.”

“What are you speaking about?”

“About twenty minutes. On Romanticism. Late 18th century to mid-nineteenth. With a focus on heightened interest in nature, emphasis on the individual's expression of emotion and imagination, departure from the attitudes and forms of classicism, and rebellion against established social rules and conventions.”

The audience loved it. Starky and Marva traded barbed wits. Instead of speaking separately, they played off each other with innuendo, a flirting tease and ease delighting both assembled men and women. Laughter brought in so many strays the hall filled with standing room only. People with tear drenched faces continued to heehaw after they could no longer catch their next breath and breathe.

The combined twenty plus twenty minutes were up. No standing ovation, everyone was rolling on the floor. There was a strange light in Starky’s sun yellow flashing eyes turned upon Marva. “Coming?”

“Already did, thank you. Noticed you did as well. The front of your pants is wet.” Her black eyes had become smokey glint sparkling coals. The hand she laid over his was possessive.

“We killed them, didn’t we?” Starky’s own touch stroked the fire between them briefly, memorizing it.

“Romance will have its way,” Marva leaned into him, fitting her curves where they fit him best, making him her own. “When do we get married? Where shall we honeymoon?” She couldn’t wait to get started now that her innermost fantasy had become real.

A low hungry growl that was Starky’s form of laughter brushed her lips with a nibbling kiss. “I know the perfect place. Let’s get out of here.”

“Inferno county, Hell, yeah.”

“City certainly lives up to its billing.”

“Not a structure left standing. Every building burned down.”

Starky’s hand crawled out from where it had been cuddling between Marva’s thighs. “Told you we’d be alone.”

“Where we going to stay? I got an opening ready to take you home.” The red hot painted SUV began rocking with a timeless rhythm urged on by the cries of ecstasy inside.

“We slept, didn’t we?” Marva disentangled herself from mismatched arms and legs. She felt herself hovering out of body, out of mind. A floating presence satiated and complete gazed out at the hot sun bleached Death Valley desert stretching out in every direction.

“You sucked me dry. I can barely move, woman. Give me some water.”

“Spilled it. Kicked the bottles to pieces. Backseat had a party with it. Got more in the trunk?”

Marva wiggled her sweet bottom firmly in place in the front. “Is that supposed to happen?”

Starky heard his car groan and shudder along with him as his muscles screamed in protest. The abuse he’d put them through in the countless forms of love making gyrations had him all knotted up. “We left the engine on for the air conditioning. Overheated the radiator. Going off like a geyser. Hell’s bells.”

“It is real pretty. Casts rainbows on the windshield. What happens for an encore?” Marva returned to her body in a chuckle. Womanly endurance settled in with pride.

The SUV engine sighed, gasped, coughed and died. Silence became deafening. Hell’s heat wave baked itself inside the cab. Starky’s flesh threatened to separate from his body where dried up salty sweat cracked and pried. “Trunk. We were in such a hurry. Did you pack or did I?”

The back end pried open, yawned and gave up its momentary shade. “Empty,” Starkey’s laughter sounded equally so.

“Honeymoon in Hell. How we going to get out of it?” Marva sucked on her blistered hands baked in an instant touching the SUV. She moved away from the threat of being too close to Starky, her hot breath the only breeze.

“Devil is in the details. There’s an old mine with potable underground river water pooling on a lower level. Maybe some leftover supplies for emergencies like ours. Within walking distance.” Starky didn’t look at Marva, avoiding her hot blazing eyes.

Romance was left in the car. “You’re slowing me down. I’ll go ahead.” Starky’s growl no longer laughed. The couple’s footsteps had widened apart, half buried in the alkali surface, on the bottom of the twelve thousand year old bones of a lake. “Bring you back some water.” He didn’t think he’d see Marva alive again.

“Hot as hell outside. Cold as sin in here.” Womanly endurance proved him wrong.

“You made it. Our honeymoon suite.” He didn’t look up from his mirrored exhausted reflection in the pool.

The shock of ice cold subterranean water made her gasp. Riverlets ran down her face into dried up cracks. “Supplies? Like a CB radio to call out for help?”

“Maybe. Hand crank generator. Too tired to give it more than a couple of turns.” Starky’s foot moved to prod it into life.

The boxy piece of equipment obliged, squawking at him. “Hello? Do you read me? What’s the emergency?”

“Help. We’re lost in Hell,” croaked Marva. Her lips cracked, sputtered into a single cry of laughter and relief.

“The old mine,” added Starky, his growl barking an echo of joy into the surrounding room size cavern. The couple were both on their feet, embracing, dancing together.

“Gotcha’. I’ll relay to the Devil’s Ridge. Have a chopper sent out soon as they can. See you then.”

“You left me.” Marva pushed at Starky. She was so dehydrated her wedding band fell off her finger into the pool, sank and disappeared.

“Only hope was for me to make it and get help. I did.” Starky grasped at her, held on firmly, shaking her into half belief. Marriages are made of a bed of comforting lies, half truths, wishes and a dose of romance. He winked, too happy to realize it was all slipping away.

“Watch out. Let go. I can’t swim.” Marva slipped in a tangle of arms and legs, falling with Starky into the ice cold bottomless pool.

“Ghosts.” The helicopter pilot stared accusingly at the CB owner. “No-one here. Hell of a fool’s errand bringing me out on a lark.”

Two weeks later he was proved wrong. Starky and Marva floated out from hell into a tourist camp oasis, arms and legs bound in a lover’s knot. The sound of bubbling laughter of an embedded water fountain gave applause.

The trip to Hell and back proved successful. The couple would be joined together forever in the small graveyard at Devil’s Ridge. There were other hapless guests in attendance from previous forays where it overlooked Inferno county and the burned out city that was Hell.

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