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I am using an old book to do a Space Log Blog and Spiritual Blog with Chris Breva.
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Day Jesus Saved Me
Prompt: Write about the day Jesus saved you.

It is really hard to say. I was raised in church but I met a bad crowd and partied. I had forgotten about Jesus. I went to a private Catholic College and was close to Jesus. I had thought of becoming a Nun. It wasn't for me. I loved Jesus and then a bad break up with a boyfriend, got a job at the Nursing Home and the women cussed something awful. I got to be like them and then ran with a bad crowd. This went on for 2 years and later I had a son and started to go back to Church. Being married, I went to Church more. I was working weekends, every other weekend. I started to pray more and read my Bible. After my job closed down and I retired, I went to Church every Sunday, missing once in awhile and went to Bible Study. I was doing this for 2 and a half years. The pandemic hit and I hadn't been to Church and Bible Study in 8 months. It is Easter Sunday and I went back to Church today. I want to go to Church as much as possible. I got baptized 2 years ago. I would say Jesus completed me but this virus thing has me unsettled. I pray and remind myself God's got this. I got vaccinated. I am still a Christian and going back to Church will mold me and make me the person Jesus will be happy with. I watch Dr. David Jeremiah. I need to watch him more often. I read my Bible, Devotions and pray. Jesus is still saving me.

How can you thank God for giving you his most precious gift?

Pray. Serve God and Jesus. Go to Church and be a faithful servant and help others. Thank God everyday for everything including Jesus.

A beautiful Sig of me by best friend Angel for St. Pats Day.

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