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Plants & Weight Loss
Wow, that was the fastest 2 weeks ever.


I planted marigolds, cilantro, sweat pea, summer squash and basil. It's spring time and I'm always motivated to plant something. Oh, I planted some bonzai trees too for good vibes.

Well, the marigolds, basil, and cilantro have sprouted! Sadly, my summer squash, sweat pea and bonzai haven't.

And the dog knocked over a marigold and sweat planter so I lost them. *Sad* But it feels good to see the fruit of your handiwork sprout. I'm going to tackle oregano next. First chance I have, I'll post of pic of my growing flowers and herbs.


Weight Watchers is meeting in person again! As I'm no fan of Zoom, I was able to reserve a spot for an in person meeting again. I always do better when I go to meetings. I have been using My Fitness Pal, logging my food on the app (and cardio) for 93 days. I like how MFP has everything and it's easy to fit. Sometimes I can't find what I'm looking for on the WW app. Some ppl who use Noom like it. My friend at work showed me some of the features I liked, but I need a pay by the month program. I can't shovel out 150.00 up front for 5 months. Sounds nice, but my budget doesn't work that way.

I am glad that I have such a streak with MFP, and its linked up to MAP MY WALK so it adds my earned burned calories after a walk. I can't say I've lost weight though. I haven't gained any. I saw my doctor the other day, and she suggested try cutting carbs. it's a process but I have increased eating carrots and cutting out mcdonald fries. haha.


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