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Winds of Change
April’s breeze, fragrant
earthy scent of rain and anxiety.
Life restrained, swaddled in tree buds
struggling and straining beneath the sod.

July is still and stagnant,
heavy with moist exhalations.
Listless clouds threaten,
with dark exhortations.

October’s wind hurries,
crackles and scurries around corners.
Time is running out, it cannot linger
as it swirls through bare-fingered trees.

January is a glistening flurry
pelting red cheeks with icy fury,
then drifting into pillowed dreams
under its silent blanket.

Promptly Poetry Week 48 4/26

Write a poem about all four seasons.

Your poem should have four stanzas; one for each season.
Each stanza should be a minimum of three lines.
Minimum line count: 12 (no max)
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