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May 17, 2021 Day 1 Cruising with Andre
Checking into the Caribbean Princess for a cruise. ST. Thomas, St. Kitts, Port Zante and lots of ocean sights are on the agenda.

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Cruising with Andre

I stopped at The Banana Bar to pick up Andre. I made these arrangements to make sure we would be on time to check in to the Caribbean Princess. The ship is the 2nd largest cruise ship in the Princess fleet.

Departure is going to be from Port Everglades. It is a massive port. Regular sail boats and motor vessels look like dots beside the ship.

Andre is wearing a special jacket with a special harness. This is basically for the view of other passengers who may be a little startled to see a chimp on board. Most of the time Andre had assured me he will not get into to much monkey shines. But, I know Andre. He does not think like me.

We boarded at the intake level. Upon checking in a steward was called to escort us to our room. The ship had been alerted before we boarded and a special room was setup with a very comfortable tree house in one corner of the room for Andre (this is special so Andre can feel at home on the sea and experience a vacation).

This is just a great room. All set up-even our luggage has been deposited after we checked it when boarding. Andre has already shrugged off his harness. Once the ship is under way I’m pretty sure he will stick around because swimming isn’t one of his strong points.

This ship is so big. I look forward to visiting the spa and taking a yoga class. We should also enjoy the onboard gym. Andre should be happy since there is going to be lots of fresh fruit and foods for us both to enjoy. Unless someone objects Andre will have freedom to run the ship. What could that hurt once out to sea?

We also had twin beds in case he decided sleeping like people was to his liking. I had ordered large amounts of water in place of a mini bar but, I also made sure the mini bar was stocked with palm wine. Palm wine is made from different species of palm trees, date trees, and cocoa nut trees. It is very good for your eyesight. This is suppose to be the unfermented type which has lots of beneficial ingredients like B1, B2, B3, B6, zinc, yeast, iron, potassium, and magnesium.

I doubt that Andre will stick to the unfermented type of drinks but there are lots of bars onboard for the stronger types of alcohol. https://vinepair.com/booze-news/monkeys-and-chimpanzees-are-making-their-own-win...

OK. We are settled on board I think I will take a tour of the ship. Hey, Andre, you should take the elevator. Oh well. He just went out the window and is climbing down the outside of the ship. It’s OK. There is a lot of foot and hand holds. Hope people are not startled to see a monkey climb by their windows. We will meet up later down stairs, I hope?

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