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Well, here it goes! 'The Bard's Hall Contest' got me blogging again, so wish me luck!
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Do you believe in Ghost?
When hubby and I were first married, we moved into a house where an older gentleman died. We didn't know it at the time, but it became obvious when we kept hearing noises, objects were move or knocked off the counter. We even heard heavy footsteps climb the stairs at night. It would wake us up when we would smell an awful odor.

Our neighbor clued us in that his elderly neighbor lady found her husband dead in his chair. He died quietly of old age. She put the property up for rent, and we jumped at the chance for low rent. It was a well-kept up older home and we felt in love with the older furniture, the dark woodwork and wainscoting. We couldn't figure out why the rent was so low, but we didn't argue the point. Well, we found out in short time...

There was this dark stain above where the old man died. We didn't like it, and decided to paint the ceiling to cover up that ugly stain - To our surprise, it appeared again through the two layers of paint. This shocked us and sent goosebumps along our arms. We decided on a drop ceiling to hide it, even though we knew it was still there, but no one else did when they came to visit.

We stored the old chair in the barn, and rearranged the furniture. After a while we forgot about the stain because these other things happened. It was like the old man didn't want us there. The lights flickered, things would go flying off the counter, but it never happened when we had people over. We told them what was going on, but they thought we made it up to scare them.

Well, we took this ghost's nonsense for four years, and decided to move when I became pregnant with our first child. We moved to a hobby farm that we learned to love, raised sheep, goats, cows, and had a llama to protect our animals from coyotes. We called him our Kung Fu Llama, because he could kick from the side as well as back. We wanted him to share the pasture with our two female horses. He didn't like them, and would come chest-first, bumping them. They kicked him and he made the weirdest sound. He usually didn't say much, but when he got kicked, that told us we couldn't have our horses share the pasture with him. He didn't mind the sheep, goats, or cow, but drew the line with horses.

I remember getting into a discussion with ember_rain, who's no longer with WDC. She told me many ghost stories that happened to her. They really make me think that there has to be others this happens to. This is when I started to watch the paranormal shows on YouTube. Some of them get downright scary, and I think back at the ghostly home we rented. I never was so relieved and happy to move away from that place!

The popularity of the paranormal, oddly enough, might even be grounds for encouragement. I think that the appetite for mystery, the enthusiasm for that which we do not understand, is healthy and to be fostered. It is the same appetite which drives the best of true science, and it is an appetite which true science is best qualified to satisfy.
Richard Dawkins

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