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Celebrating Freedom
Here in the United States, we're celebrating our independence today. Is this a special day to you? Will you do anything special? Have we as a country forgotten what this day really means? Yes, I know, several questions there. (If you do not live in the United States, please apply this prompt to the day your country celebrates as Independence, or a similar holiday.)
Answer as you wish please.

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It is going to be quiet for awhile here. I was babysitting a pit bull and a mastiff for a couple weeks but they have gone home now so, it seems quieter with two dogs than four. As for July 4th we are going to cook out. Tonight we will watch the capitol celebration on TV which we always try to do. The program is a good reminder of history within the country and has entertainment values.

Other people in the area started their celebrations with percussion bombs, which I dislike because, if they are to close, it shakes the house. Also, because it frightens pets, livestock,, and wildlife who may be experiencing the atmosphere percussion. The definition of percussion means striking one solid object against another to create sound waves. In this case it is atmosphere waves which can cause a lot of damage.

I guess in the case of the people setting off the bombs it symbolizes their freedom in some way. Personally, I prefer quieter celebrations.

When I was in grade school classes put on plays about pilgrims and the settling of the colonies in what is now the USA. I think, because of this style of teaching, how our constitution came about and how the USA was settled are embedded in my memory. So, when July 4th rolls around it is a holiday taking place in the summer and I usually contemplate it's meaning. I feel the country is still fighting for "of the people by the people". Maybe it always will be. There is a need to remember and to incorporate versatility for lifestyles.

Instead of being simple, freedom and how to keep it, is a complicated situation that takes lots of thought to bring wise views to the subject.

Happy independence day. I'm thankful for a day of rest and peace.

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