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Still Many People or Just One
There have been many influencers on you as you have aged. Tonight, write about the person who has had the greatest impact on your life.

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Even though there have been lots of people around me, who told me important things; I think the main influence has been libraries and the books that I've been able to read over time. At each stage in your time line you need people who understand, whatever has gone on during different historical moments. Because, meaningful people in my life have been hit and miss, while books have been actually more accessible than people on a regular basis, when you look at the way I grew up.

History written by journalists can often shine light on a truthful non-biased account of a historical event, that has influenced or is presently influencing ideas worldwide. It also shows, how a news media account can be biased, if it does not have all the facts of any specific occurrence.

People in governments write books about their own personal experiences within the realm of their job. Personal experiences help, when it comes to how others form opinions. If you know what was going on in a certain historical time you can understand better, what caused a certain age group to think the way it does.

I took time after college to read more text books about the science of sociology. Just knowing how it was formed made an impact on how I seek information.

As an example I will tell you about my Grandmother. My dad's mother was very outspoken about Catholics as a whole. She always seemed to be against anything or anyone whose history held the word Catholic.

This was brought to my attention after I became an adult by family members who spoke about my Grandmother in an unkind way, because of her outspokenness about Catholic people. (people specifically aligned with the Catholic Church as members of that organizational way of faith.)

If you look at my Grandmothers timeline you will find her formative years were during a time when the Catholic Church was having an impact within the USA by written articles attempting to influence the protestant church (articles were written by Males influenced by their faith inside Catholic Church) in the USA about different church doctrines. These articles were debated in local newspapers and distributed pamphlets, with many taking sides Catholic vs Protestant. The Catholic position at that time considered how difficult it was to raise large families and find jobs for males to support large families. There was an effort to influence lawmakers in the USA legislature and also to influence the Supreme Court to a way of thinking that would support the Catholic Church and its doctrinal stands in a larger way.

My Grandmother's family was educated at the time. Grandmother attended college and was a teacher for a time. Her family was strongly protestant, and so her attitudes were formed from that social group.

Nevertheless, I spent a lot of time as a child with my Grandmother and knew her as someone who cared about the welfare of people regardless of their church affiliation. She was willing to right wrongs when it was her ability to involve herself. And was a strong advocate for truthfulness.

Unless you look into the truth of, whatever vs whatever, You may form opinions about what group to follow only to find out there is something not so nice driving the scenario. This has been apparent in many news worthy events in the last 50 years or more.

I noticed, that in the recent coverage of the attack on the Capitol building. Many of those in the area after the attack was brought under control; were not aware of the planned violence. Demonstrators interviewed later, told reporters they were on the scene and surprised, when the violence broke out, as they were there only to demonstrate, not to break into the capitol building.

Forming opinions in life means knowing the many sides of a story. You won't necessarily find it in your neighbors attitudes.

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