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Rated: E · Book · Action/Adventure · #2255667
I got killed by god by accident and he reincarnated me with my SP in the same anime
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Chapter 1: New life
I was currently on my knees in front of a small round brown table across from me was an old man who was drinking tea

calling himself god.

"My apologies for my carelessness in killing you Austin Kion it wasn't my intention to kill you when you were only

eighteen." said God

"It's alright sir I forgive you, we all make accidents and mistakes in our life even those who think they're perfect make

mistakes." said Austin

"Quite true young warrior, quite true, still I'm quite surprise you're not blaming or criticizing me for my actions in

killing you." said God

"My parents taught me to forgive those who actions affect me before they, well you know." said Austin

"I know my boy I know, but let's get to the matter at hand, I can't simply revive you back to your normal life back on

Earth but I can reincarnate you into a different world, this world will have magic and creatures that are similar from the

anime shows you watched and novels that you read, I'll let you have transformations and family techniques in

this world to defend yourself, to tell you the truth the goddess of war would give me an ear full if I didn't let you have

them to begin with she seems to really like you and I don't mean in a romance kind of way, also I can let you take one

item with you to your new world as a way of saying sorry." said God

"Well would it be a problem if I brought this with me 'brings out his smartphone' its one of the last things I have to

remember my parents by along with the photos of them that are saved on here." said Austin

"Sure that won't be a problem at all you can keep it charged with your magic but I can't let you contact people from your

home world with it, I'll just need if for a sec to make the adjustments to it." said God

"Alright here." said Austin as he placed the smart phone in the center of the table

God then grabbed the phone and used his powers to make the adjustments to it after a minute he gave it back.

"There you go your phone is all set now also I added a new app on there for you to use on your down time." said God

"Thank you 'what app did he add to my phone?'" Austin said and thought

"Well its time for you to get sent to your new world and start a new life." said God

Austin suddenly felt sleepy and closed his eyes to be met with darkness.

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