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I got killed by god by accident and he reincarnated me with my SP in the same anime
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Chapter 2: First Party Member
Austin woke up with a startle and got on his feet quickly, he was then greeted by the warm sun's rays from under the shade

of a tree he was under and saw the clear blue sky and clouds.

'So this is my new world.' thought Austin

Austin then stepped out of the shade and looked at the road in front of him, he was about to pick a direction when he heard

something from a distance.

"There she is get that girl and we can all live a happy life." said a full grown male

'Slavery for women in this world, oh not on my watch.' thought Austin

Austin then took of in the direction from where the voice came from the forest behind him, after five minutes of following a

group of men's voice Austin arrived at a clearing to see a group of males possibly bandits or slavers surrounding a female

who looked like she was in her late twenties in a black ninja outfit, her breast looked like they were a triple L cup, her

black hair that was up in a pony tail when down to her ankle, her skin was white, she had red eyes, and her ass was

ginormous with a jiggle to it.

"Alright girl we either do this the easy way or the hard way." said the leader

The female remained silent not answering the question.

"Very well the hard way it is then, get her!" the leader shouted

The other males then rushed at her with blunt weapons hopping to knock the female out, but she countered their attacks by

punching or kicking them in the gut, whenever a piece of her hair fell off it would go towards an opponent and restrict

their movement completely when the female knocked out the last bandit or slaver the leader came up behind her with a club

for a sneak attack and it would have succeed too, if Austin hadn't intercepted the man by tackling him to the ground.

"Why you little" the gang leader never got to finish his sentence because Austin delivered an uppercut causing the leader

to fall to the ground out cold

"You alright?" Austin asked the female

"Yes thank you for the save I didn't see it coming." said the female

"We all make mistakes but we learned from them." said Austin

The female nodded her head in agreement to what Austin said then spoke "I'm Eremento Shinzuka (OC), Shinzuka is my given name

and Eremento is my families name."

"A pleasurer to meet you Shinzuka I'm Austin Kion." said Austin

"Um, Kion?" asked Shinzuka

"It means warrior." said Austin

"Oh" said Shinzuka

Time skip brought to you by Austin and Shinzuka dropping off the thugs to prison and getting payed

"So those guys were part of an illegal slavery cult that you were tasked to hunt down by the guild?" asked Austin as he

walked with Shinzuka though town

"Yes that's right about a month ago the guild was tasked with capturing the leader of the cult, they succeeded but small

handfuls of workers were still out there in the world." said Shinzuka

"I see." said Austin

"At any rate Austin I'm eternally grateful for you saving me from the leader's attack had you not intervened I would've

been used by them till I died." said Shinzuka

"You're welcome Shinzuka there's no need to return the favor." said Austin

"But I insist you saved my life from a fate worse then death, for that I'm forever indebted to you for the sake of my

families name and honor of my ninja status please let me serve you by your side till my dying breath." said Shinzuka

Austin looked into Shinzuka's eyes and saw she was serious and determined to go with this pledge no matter what, this

caused Austin to sigh before coming to his decision.

"In that case Shinzuka would you like to form a party with me?" Austin asked

"It would be an honor master." said Shinzuka

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