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I got killed by god by accident and he reincarnated me with my SP in the same anime
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Chapter 3: Heaven's Mightiest Warrior
Austin and Shinzuka were currently walking through the forest for their first mission together, Austin currently had two

katanas on his back for his weapons of choice, the duos mission was to investigate some ruins that was just discovered by

a traveling merchant as he was trying to outrun some bandits.

"Any ideas what these ruins are all about Shinzuka?" Austin asked

"I've heard these ruins are a resting place are for a Valkyrie that used all her energy to defeat a dangerous person who

wanted all of the Valkyries to rule the world but this Valkyrie was able to defeat him but at a cost she used up all of

her power so the goddess of war sealed her body in some ruins to help her recharge her powers, but that was five hundred

years ago." said Shinzuka

"I guess the seal needs to be removed by a mortal man but I doubt just any mortal man could remove the seal." said Austin

"You might be right on that master but we still have to investigate the ruins regardless." said Shinzuka

Austin sighed he tried to get Shinzuka to stop calling him master but she kept repeating the life debt that she owes him

for saving her from a life of slavery and the honor of her family's name and ninja honor she kept calling him master, five

minutes later they arrived at the ruins which was just a stair case that lead up to two pillars that had a doorway leading

to a room, the two went inside and saw the body of the Valkyrie in the tomb she had white hair and skin, wearing a black

outfit, her breast seamed to be a cup smaller then Shinzuka along with her ass, beside the body was a lance and shield. a

light machine gun, and a rapier.

"Did this Valkyrie have a name by chance Shinzuka?" Austin asked

"I believe her name was Selvaria (From Valkyrie Chronicles) master." said Shinzuka

Austin then saw a sign in front of the body and went to inspect it, on the sign was something written in a language he

could read.

"Only he who is deemed worthy by the goddess of war shall awaken her daughter from her long slumber." Austin

said as he read the writing

"But how would we know if someone was deemed worthy by a goddess?" asked Shinzuka

Austin was about to answer her question when he suddenly felt something grab his right hand, he looked and saw another

hand on his and followed the arm back to Selvaria who's eyes were open to revival they were red, Austin then experienced

all of her memories from the war with the dangerous person who was trying to turn her fellow Valkyrie sisters into sex

slaves but she defeated him in the end but had to be put to rest, when Austin came back into reality he saw Ariya kneeling

before him and a winged sword tattoo on his hand.

"I'm Selvaria the daughter of the goddess of war awaiting your order my lord." said Selvaria

"L-Lord?!" asked Austin and Shinzuka

"Yes that's right my mother has taken an interest in you my lord and deemed you worthy of becoming my master, that mark on

your hand is the mark of the Valkyrie it bonds the two of us together meaning your the only one that can command me." said


"Now hold on just a minute there, you may be a Valkyrie but I'm not going to let you get close to my master, he already

has me to command and I'm not letting him go that easily." said Shinzuka

"But he awakened me from my slumber I have to be by his side to repay him plus he's the only one that my mother deemed

worthy to command me." said Selvaria

Before the fight could drag on any longer Austin flared up his killing instinct causing the girls to become scared and

turn towards him slowly.

"Both of you come right here." said Austin as he pointed to a spot on the ground in front of him

The girls then walked to the spot Austin pointed too.

"Now sit 'both girls sat down' now let me make this clear for the both of you, there will be no fighting among ourselves

you both have a debt that you owe me I get it, but that doesn't mean you have to fight over me for my attention like it or

not the two of you will be fighting together from this day forth so the two of you will have to trust each other in

combat, do I make myself clear?" Austin asked with a bit of dominance in his voice

"Y-Y-Yes master/ my lord." said Shinzuka and Selvaria terrified at his power

"Good, now Selvaria grab your weapons, we're heading back to the guild to complete the mission." said Austin

Selvaria quickly got to her feet and grabbed her weapons then the trio headed back to the guild to complete the quest.

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