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I got killed by god by accident and he reincarnated me with my SP in the same anime
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Chapter 4: Reunion
The trio just arrived at the guild completing their tenth quest of the day which was slaying a minitour that was sighted in

the forest and they were exhausted they also hunted a giant horned wolf, hellhound, golem, dullahan, werecat, werewolf,

several orcs and a high orc, and an ogre.

"Okay I think that's enough quests for one day you two we're nearly exhausted from the last one." said Austin

"Agreed" said Shinzuka and Selvaria

The trio then walked back to the Silver Moon Inn while strolling through the town the girls were smiling happily, why

because Austin used his light KI to create illusions on them, whenever Shinzuka walked through town she would get stares

of lust from men that were signal, married, drunk, or homeless and she would get stares of jealousy and envy from women,

but now thanks to her master creating an illusion on her she doesn't feel those stares anymore, for Selvaria she was

always being crowded around everyone in the village when she first came here and it was uncomfortable every time it

happened so Austin used his light KI to create an illusion on her wearing normal clothes making people think she was just

a normal person now with long hair, they walked into the Silver Moon inn where three people were at the front counter.

"I would like a room for a month please." said a male voice

'That voice, it can't be.' thought Austin

Micah the owner of the inn then took the coins from the male that had black hair, black eyes, wearing a black tunic, black

trousers, and black shoes.

"T-Toya Mochizuki is that you?" Austin asked

The boy in question turned towards Austin and his eyes widen in shock.

"A-Austin Kion?" asked Toya

"It is you, my friend." said Austin

The two boys then hugged each other leaving their female companies confused at what's going on.

Timeskip brought to you by Austin and Toya fist bumping each other with a smile on their faces

The two parties were now sitting at a table inside the in with the two boys sitting across from each other.

"Shinzuka and Selvaria this is Toya Mochizuki he's my childhood friend from where we grew up, Toya my two party members

Shinzuka and Selvaria." said Austin

"Elze and Linze this is Kion Austin he's my childhood friend from where we grew up, Austin these two girls are Elze and

Linze there twins." said Toya

"Nice to meet you." said the girls

"So Austin how long have you been in town for?" asked Toya

"Been here for at least three days and I take it you just got here that not long ago?" asked Austin

"Yes that's right so what've you been up to since you were here?" asked Toya

"I've meet these two then today we went on ten quest to slay different monsters from the guild and were exhausted." said


"Wow that must've been hard work." said Elze

"Well not really we were able to slay most of them in three minutes thanks to master's strategizes it was the wyvern that

was the most difficult of them." said Shinzuka

Elze and Linze then looked at Austin with frowns on their face.

"It's not like that you two, master save me from a life of slavery when a slaver tried to sneak up behind me and knock me

out, since then for the honor of my families name and my ninja status I owe him a debt I can't repay back." said Shinzuka

"Shinzuka is right my lord isn't that type of person." said Selvaria

Toya and the girls looked Ariya with confused looks on their faces, with a sigh Austin looked at Selvaria who nodded then

Austin deactivated the spell on Selvaria reveling her true self, this revaluation shocked Toya and the girls but Austin

and his party quickly shushed them, Toya and the girls nodded in understanding and Austin put the spell back on Ariya.

"I wasn't expecting you to have that kind of girl with you." said Toya

"Destiny works in different ways Toya, even ways no one is prepared for." said Austin

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