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I got killed by god by accident and he reincarnated me with my SP in the same anime
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Chapter 5: Helping The Dragon Queen
The next day came and Austin's party was currently relaxing at the Silver Moon Inn reading a copy of a book he bought on

Null magic spells, while there was a hand full that weren't very useful at all but there were some that were useful and

would come in handy in the future like slip, gate, modeling, translation, transfer, storage, sleep, silence, shield,

search, reflection, recall, program, paralyze, multiple, mirage, long sense, enchant, drawling, copy, power rise, boots,

aports, and accel.

"So master what are you planning on doing today since it's our day off?" asked Shinzuka

"I was thinking about going into the woods and trying to summon something with my darkness magic." said Austin

"In the forest my lord?" asked Selvaria

"Yes that's right, you remembered when I told you about my nine weights that I wear to train right 'both girls nodded their

heads' they also limit the power of my magic so if I kept them on during the summon I might get something different for when

I take them off, and the reason why I'm heading into the woods is because I'm not sure what I'm going to summon , so to

not cause a panic I'm going deep into the woods to summon what ever I can." said Austin

"We understand, please allow us to accompany you." said Shinzuka and Selvaria

Austin sighed and allowed them to accompany him into the woods, after five minutes of walking in the woods the trio came

to a clearing.

"This place should do." said Austin

Austin then drew the magic circle, once it was done he infused some of his magic into the circle, it began to glow a few

seconds later before a beam of magic came out of the center of the magic circle.

"Who dares summon us?" asked multiple voices

"I dare, I was hoping to form a pack with you." said Austin

"A human form a pack with us that will never happen but since we're here we might as well amused myself." said the voices

Through the beam a figure started to appear with five heads on was red with two horns going backward, another was black

with two horns going forward, a blue head with a horn on the snout, a green head with several small horns on the head, and

a white head with small horns on the side, the main body was red along with the wings, and the tail end was a blade.

"T-T-The dragon queen." said Shinzuka startled by its appearance

"I see our name still spreads fear into the hearts of many, but we never expected to see a Valkyrie here in the mortal

realm." said the dragon queen

"I was asleep for five hundred years and only awaken yesterday by my lord who's the one who summoned you." said Selvaria

"A Valkyrie serving a mortal that was something we thought we would never see, now then human if you wish to form a pact

with us you must past a test 'The dragon then created a portal to a core of some kind' my domain's magic core is getting

low on magic send your magic thought this portal to the core if you can increase the core's magic level to a high enough

level we'll form a pact with you but if you can't then the pact will be canceled." said the dragon queen

"Very well" said Austin

Austin then stepped in front of the portal and sent his magic through the portal in the form of a beam, five minutes past

and the magic coming from him was going strong with no signs of slowing down at all.

"What exactly is he, no human should have this amount of magic or have it last this long?" asked the dragon queen

"We're not exactly sure for all we know he always had this magic amount along with his magic aptitude in all seven

elements." said Shinzuka

"A-A-All 7 elements are his aptitude." said the dragon queen

"My lord doesn't need a wand to cast the spells he can cast them through his body to attack." said Selvaria

"Um dragon queen is the core supposed to be that huge?" asked Shinzuka

The dragon queen looked at the core and she was surprised to see it large as her entire body.

"O-O-Okay human you can stop sending magic to the core now that's more then enough." said the dragon queen

Austin stopped transferring his magic through the portal and saw how big the core is and sweet dropped.

"Is that going to cause problems in your realm?" asked Austin

"I'm not sure, I'll have to check on my subjects when I get back, that aside human what exactly are you even if you're

from a foreign country with more elements no human should have that high amounts of magic?" asked the dragon queen

Austin sighed then he began to transform shocking everyone present, he started to grow wings with fur on them, he went

down on all fours and began to grow white fur on his left side and black fur on his right side, as well as grow a tail

when the transformation was finally done Austin was now a dragon with tiger features.

"M-M-Master y-y-your a d-d-dragon." said a shocked Shinzuka

"A tiger dragon to be more precise Shinzuka and before any of you ask no, this isn't my true form my human self was my

true form this is something that's been past down from my family from generation to generation." said Austin

"A human that can transform into a dragon we never heard of such thing, before the pact is complete young one we would

like you and your party members to come with us to our domain, we would like to introduce you to our subjects since you

saved our dragon race from extinction." said the dragon queen

"I'm good with that what about you girls?" Austin asked

Both Shinzuka and Selvaria nodded their heads saying they were okay with it, Austin then transformed back into his human

form and gathered his weights then everyone was teleported to the dragon queens domain, when they arrived at the domain,

there was a lots of notices going on outside the dragon queen's lair.

'That can't be good.' thought Austin

Everyone ran out of the lair to see chaos going across the domain red dragons were breathing blue flames, black dragons

acid breaths were melting through the thickest and hardest steal, blue dragons lighting breath was now white, green

dragons acid breath was now Aqua Regi, white dragons were now as big as the other dragons and used blue ice, brown dragons

now had wings and could use earth magic, purple dragons breath could now bath in the sunlight and their psychic was now

enhanced to move objects, gray dragons physical strength improved greatly along with their flying skills, and gold dragons

breath attack could do more damage to the target, while the chaos was going on none of the dragons could hear their queen

call out to them so Austin picked a leaf off from a nearby tree and started to play a song with it, this caused all of the

dragons to stop what they were doing and listened to the song after five minutes the son was done and things were calm.

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