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I got killed by god by accident and he reincarnated me with my SP in the same anime
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Chapter 6: A pact is formed and a harem is made
"Our subjects what happened?" asked the dragon queen

"We're not entirely sure my queen one moment we were all minding our own business then all of the sudden we got stronger and

a new dragon species came into your realm." said a red dragon

"New dragon species?" asked the dragon queen

A dragon then came forth to the dragon queen and bowed while the upper body was light blue the underbody was yellow, there

was a fire symbol on its belly with flames on is neck, a wind symbol on it wings with lighting patterns on the arms, an

earth symbol on its front right leg covered in rock, a water symbol on its back right leg covered in ice, a light symbol on

its left front leg covered in rays of light, a dark symbol on its back left leg covered in shadows, and a null symbol on its

tail blade.

"We see, your dragon kind will now be know as Element Dragon since you have the magic of all seven aptitudes flowing through

your body." said the dragon queen

"Thank you my queen." said the element dragon

"Now for the matter at hand, the reason why you all got stronger all of the sudden is because of this male human (the

dragon queen pointed to Austin) sent his magic to the core of our domain to increase the its power and this is the result

(the dragon queen then created a portal for all the dragons to see the size of the core, the dragons were shocked to see

the core the exact same size as their queen) due to his high magic levels he was able to increase the cores size and power

to new levels further more (the dragon queen then turned to Austin, as if knowing what the queen wanted Austin transformed

into his dragon form shocking all the dragons) this human has the power to transform into a dragon and according to him

this power has been past down through his family form generation to generation, since he past our test we will now form a

pact with him, and since he's forming a pact with us we expect you all to listen to his orders as you listen to ours, do

we make ourselves clear?" asked the dragon queen

"Yes our queen." said the dragons

"Human before you complete the pack we would like you to have these (The dragon queen then broke the horns off from her

red head and put them in front of Austin) takes these horns to a master black smith and have him or her forge a weapon of

your choice or you could try to make a weapon your self with your magic, now give us a name and the pack will be

complete." said the dragon queen

"Hmm, how about Tiamat (From Dungeons and Dragons) she's a goddess from my homeland?" asked Austin

"A name of a goddess from your home land, yes that name fits us perfectly, from this point forward Austin Kion my master I

will go by the name Tiamat, master with your permission I would like to be by your side at all times." said Tiamat

"I don't have a problem with it but do you have another form you could transform into so we don't cause a panic in the

human realm?" asked Austin

"As a matter of fact we do." said Tiamat

Tiamat then transformed into her human form, her human form looked like the same age as Shinzuka and Selvaria, her skin

was a dark color, she had red eyes, black hair that went down to her ass, her breast were the same as Shinzuka, and she

was wearing a black dress that covered her body down to her legs.

"Will this do master?" asked Tiamat

"Yes this will do perfectly if you're not liking people stare at you for your looks I can make use my light magic to hide

them from everyone." said Austin

"If it comes to it I'll ask you, but there one more thing that I would like to ask you to do master." said Tiamat

"What is it?" Austin asked

"Could you mark me as your mate?" asked Tiamat with a blush on her face

Shinzuka and Selvaria blushed from the request.

"Why do you want me to mark you as my mate?" Austin asked

"Well your different from other humans, when I wanted you to increase the magic of the core you didn't hesitate or step

down, and I saw how you didn't take advantage of your two companies even though they swear to serve you for life in any

form, in short you care about others and you don't back down to help others as well, so I'll ask again would you mark me

as your mate?" asked Tiamat

Austin saw Tiamat was serious in her eyes causing him to sighed before saying "Very well I'll mark you as my mate and I

suppose you two want to be to marked as well."

"Yes please master/my lord please mark us as your mates as well." said Shinzuka and Selvaria

'What have I got myself into?' thought Austin

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