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I got killed by god by accident and he reincarnated me with my SP in the same anime
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Chapter 7: New Weapons, Phrase, and New Harem Member
After Austin marked Shinzuka, Selvaria, and Tiamat as his mates Tiamat allowed Shinzuka and Selvaria to pick a dragon to

help them in combat, Shinzuka picked an element dragon she named Ken after her little brother and Selvaria picked a blue

dragon she named Blitz, the trio then appeared in the clearing they were at before going to Tiamat's realm.

"So master have you decide on what weapons you're going to have make from my horns?" asked Tiamat

"I actually do have a weapon in mind and I have the necessary materials to make it." said Austin

Austin then placed Tiamat's horns on a nearby stomp then used Storage to bring out some iron and a jar of brown substance.

"Water come, be a clear sword blade, Aqua Cutter." said Austin as he cased a spell

Blades of water then cut the two horns into small pieces, then Austin brought out a picture of what he wanted to make a

placed it beside the broken pieces with his katanas below them, he then used modeling to create the pieces one by one and

used his katanas to make a short blade, when everything was done Austin held two one black and one white resolvers with

blades attached bellow the barrels he then used modeling on the inside of the barrels to make rivaling.

"So far so good, now for bullets." said Austin

Austin then turned to the iron and the jar with the brown substance and used modeling on them to create twenty four

bullets, then he used a combination of enchant, aports and programing spells on the revolvers and bullets after five

minutes of preforming the spells Austin took both guns, pointed them at a tree and fired a round from them, the bullets

when straight towards their targets and went right through the tree and when she said reload the gun was reloaded at high

speed with new bullets.

"So far so good now let's try this, Right hand blade mode!" shouted Austin

The white gun in Austin's right hand then transformed into a katana shocking the girls.

"Alright now let's try this, Duel Gun mode!" shouted Austin

The white blade then returned to its gun mode while the black gun remained as it was from the beginning.

"Duel Blade mode." said Austin

The two guns then went into blade mode then when Austin said duel gun mode they transformed back into guns.

"Alright just four more test, Rifle mode." said Austin

The two revolvers then merged together to become a longer gun shocking the girls, Austin then took aim at a three that was

further away from them and successfully fired six bullets into and through the tress, he then aimed at a rock that was on

a cliff and pulled the second trigger to activate boost six times and fired six rounds at the boulder causing it to break

into small pieces, then he transformed the rifle into a long katana.

"Alright it's complete." said Austin

"My lord I didn't know you had the knowledge to make a gun." said Selvaria

"Oh trust me Selvaria I have lots of knowledge from my homeland that you might understand, but for now let's get to the

guild so we can register Tiamat." said Austin as he put his guns into the holsters on both of his sides

"Weapons like that deserve a name master have you thought of some names for them?" asked Tiamat

"I was thinking of calling the white one Solar and the black one Luna." said Austin

Timeskip brought to you by the group walking through down while Tiamat was getting looks from everyone.

"Alright here's your guild card Tiamat." said the guild employ behind the counter

"Thank you." said Tiamat

"Now I'm sorry to ask you four this since you a day off from your duties but do you think you could help us with a quest

that just came in?" asked the employ

"What type of quest is it?" asked Austin

"It's an urgent quest a clan called the Partas Clan is asking for our strongest warriors to help fight back an unknown

creature, it came out of no where during one of their hunts and started attacking them none of their weapons are having

any effect on the creature so they turned to us for help." said the employ

"Where is the Partas Clan?" asked Shinzuka

"It's on the north end of the world." said the employ

Austin then brought out his smart phone and cast a spell.

"Search: Partas Clan." said Austin

The map then appeared on the screen of the phone and a thumb pin appeared on the location of the Partas Clan.

"Found them we'll teleport a few feet away from them then walk from there." said Austin

"As you wish." said the girls

All four of them then teleported to their destination then they walked to the where the Partas Clan was located and

entered, while walking through the place they saw a lot of injured humans around as they walked to the center of the camp

where a tall middle age man with light blue hair, a short beard, blue eyes, wearing tribal clothing, a golden medallion

around his neck, and a black head band with his clans symbol on it when he saw the group approaching him and stopped right

in front of him he spoke "Who are you and why are you here?"

"It was you who asked the guild to send their strongest warriors here." said Austin

The group then pulled out their guild and showed them to the man Austin's, Shinzuka's, and Selvaria's guild card was red

while Tiamat's was white since she just joined them.

"I see, yes your right I did send a request to the guild because of a creature that we haven't seen before is currently in

our territory killing everything it sees in its path we tried to stop it with our weapons but they couldn't get past the

shell, when we tried to use our null magic to increase the damage of our attacks to destroy the limbs but they regenerated

the only one who could do damage to it is my daughter Esdeath (From Akame Ga Kill)." said the man

"You called father?" asked a female voice

A tall slender beautiful, and slender women with long light-blue hair and blue eyes, wearing a generals appeal with long

sleeves with buttons on her arms, a blue scarf on her neck, and high heel boots the hat had her clans symbol on it, her

breast were the same as Selvaria's and her skin was porcelain white.

"I was just talking to the people the guild sent to help us Esdeath." said the man

Esdeath looked at each of the group one by one till her eyes landed on Austin, when she looked at him she felt a surge of

power going through the young man though it was astounding like he could take on the worlds armies in a matter of seconds.

'Is he the one that I've been waiting for?' thought Esdeath with a blush on her face

"Is your daughter alright?" asked Tiamat

Esdeath's father looked at his daughter and saw the blush on her face.

"I'm not sure she never was never liked this." said the man

"Do you have a drawling of what the creature looks like?" asked Selvaria

Before the man could reply there was a loud rumbling sound getting louder, acting quickly Austin enchanted his phone to

heal everyone in the clan that was injured then the group headed out to the entrance to the village, when they arrived

they saw a mantis like creature made of unknown crystal material with a small red core in its head.

"A phase here?!" shouted Tiamat and Selvaria

"I'll ask questions later, for now Tiamat and Selvaria when I cast Slip you two use your ice magic to hold down its legs,

while their doing that Shinzuka and I will use our ice magic to prevent from using its scythes, with it immobilize an

armor piercing round from Solar and Luna in rifle mode should be powerful enough to destroy the core if not I got a back

up plan." said Austin

"Right" said the girls

"Slip" said Austin

A magic circle then appeared bellow the phase causing it to do a split, Tiamat and Selvaria quickly took opposite sides

and began to freeze the legs in place while Austin and Shinzuka freeze the scythes in place, once that was all done Austin

brought out Solar and Luna and made them into their rile form and loaded an armor piercing round into the chamber.

"Eat this." said Austin

Austin then fired the round and held down the the other trigger casting Boost on the bullet six times, the bullet hit the

red core in the center causing it to be destroyed, the phase Mantis then started to fall apart without its core to

stabilize it after the last piece fell down Austin let out a sigh.

"Glad we we're able to stop it before it could do any damage." said Austin

Esdeath then came up from behind Austin and brought his head into her breast.

"You are the one that I've been waiting for my beloved." said Esdeath



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