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Are we all crazy or saved?
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President Candy Cummings
"Why did I get to be the President of Standards and Practices?"
Mrs. Candy Cummings queried her secretary Diana Debag.
"You wanted a position in the Biden administration," Diana polished her nails.
"Everyone hates Standards and Practices. They want naked T.V." Candy continued.
"Okay. Give them naked T.V." Diana Debag blew on her fingernails.
Candy Cummings looked down at her memos, "Screw it!"

Lucinda Dicky stepped into the office in her red minidress and red stiletto heels.
"You buzzed?" she asked with her right eyebrow raised.
"Yes. I want to e-mail all the networks. Nudity and obscene language are allowed on public broadcasts."
Daina Debags looked Lucinda Dickie up and down and then motioned with her pencil to have Lucinda turn about.
"Wiggle your tushy," Diana stated with a purple popsicle in her mouth.
"Should I leave?" Candy Cummings rolled her eyes.

Candy cleared her throat, "No."
She waved Lucinda off, "Send those e-mails.."
Candy sucked on her popsicle as she watched Lucinda's hips tick-tock out of the office.
Diana took her black horned rimmed glasses off and stretched as she stood up.
She slipped out of her spats and let her blue and white polka dot skirt slip down to her ankles.
"You're wearing a speedo?" President Cummings observed.

Diana removed the white speedo and shot like an elastic rubber band at Candy.
"We'd make awesome ratings with this," Candy remarked as her secretary did a dance to belly dancing music.
Reverend Thomas Fister burst into the office just as Diana flung her bra into Candy's hands.
"Oh, my God!" Reverend Fister hollered and shut off the CD player.
"I hate parties! This is Standards and Practices!" the Reverend Fister held up his right fist.
"Do you want to promote immoral acts?" Reverend leaned over Candy's desks and gasped.
"The President of Standards and Practices has a vibrator stuck between up her skirt!"
Reverend Fister recorded the event with his cell phone.
Candy removed it and dropped it into the open lower draw.

"I have posted this! I hope they fire you and your belly dancer!" Reverend Fister slapped his phone.
President Candy Cummings wiped herself off and her chair and sat back down.
"If that is all you have to say, then get out!" Candy shouted.
The Reverend turned in a military fashion and walked stiffed back out through the double oak doors.
Candy unwrapped her waist buckled sash and opened her brown dress, letting it slide off her shoulders.
Lucinda Dickie stepped in, "Reverend Fister has made a formal complaint to President Biden..."
"May I join you?" Lucinda gave a Cheshire Cat smile.
"Of course, help us break down the couch," Candy and Diana with Lucinda slid the couch cushions into a bed.

Dr. Dick Assman stepped into the office, "Oh? I beg your pardon. Lucinda wasn't at her desk."
"That's my bad. What did you want?" Lucinda walked over to Dr. Assman naked but still wearing her stilettos.
The Doctor blushed as his arousal became evident, "Cough. I need approval for my hygiene announcements."
Candy Cummings laughed and snatched the Doctor's paperwork and signed them.
"Would you like to join us?" Candy smiled and stroked the doctor's arousal.
Doctor Dick Assman took a deep breath, "Yes."
Lucinda removed his jacket and hung it in the closet.
Candy removed his pants after the doctor had kicked off his loafers.
"Going commando?" Candy laughed.
Doctor Dick Assman nodded, "I'm too large for boxers."
His arrousal grew larger. "That's a foot long. Yummy." Daina clapped.

Reflections~When nothing is done, nothing is left undone.


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