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Dana Perino and Afganistan..(?)

Dana Perino was the press secretary for President George W. Bush.
It was her job to sell the Iraqi war and Afghanistan war to the American public.
Osama Binlada was of the Saudi royal family. He was not Afganistan.
None of the hijackers on September 11, 2001, were from Afghanistan.
They were all Saudis.
Nevertheless, President George W. Bush ordered the invasion of Iraq and Afganistan.
It was Dana Perino's job to explain why.
Osama Binlada was actually in Pakistan.
Why invade Iraq and Afghanistan?
The Bush administration said they were searching Iraq for weapons of mass destruction.
Dana explained this in her press meetings and said that Binlada was hiding in Afghanistan.
Osama had many doubles and was on kidney dialysis in Pakistan, which has nukes.
All of which has led to the worst evacuation of American Afghanistans.
I do not know how bad this can get.
But, Dana Perino did sell the war in Iraq and Afghanistan for President George W Bush.
President George H Bush told in son to stay out of Iraq.
He said it was a "Quagmire."


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