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by Seuzz
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A high school student finds a grimoire that shows how to make magical disguises.
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Breaking Bad
Previously: "Catching Christine

Zion usually has Christine take him straight home after school, then gets together with her or other friends at a coffee place after supper.

But today is Friday, and although Zion's instincts are to keep to plan and go over to Kian's Benefield's place for a laid-back party, you let the lust for Christine (and Sydney) overwhelm.

"Yeah, okay." You lay your hands on Christine's butt and press her to you. She squeals a little as your hardening cock swells against her. "But where we gonna hang out? Mr. Hagerman's? Ms. Cho's?"

"We haven't done it at his place yet." She looks over at the teacher. "Besides, I want him to watch."

That jolts you. But you'll do anything to keep your girlfriend happy.

"Yo, Mr. Hag," you call over to him. "Alright if we meet you up at your place, hang out?"

The teacher's eyes shift to Christine. She gives the faintest nod, and he shrugs.

* * * * *

On the drive out, Christine hums softly to herself in tune with the radio. You slouch in the passenger-side seat of her minivan, stroking your calves and nursing a bobbing erection. "I like these guys you picked," you tell her.

"You'd like anyone I picked," she says. "You know I was only gonna pick out good ones!"

"You liked me climbing the fence out at the tennis courts when I came to get you?"

She giggles. "That was cool." She turns a shy glance at you. "But don't try scaring me again."

"I was trying to turn you on."

"Well, you did that. But you do that anyway."

There's a curious expression on her face, and she does a couple of takes at you, as though she's constantly surprising herself to see you slouching beside her. "What's the matter?" you finally ask her.

"Nothing," she says. "Only— Well, nothing. I'll tell you later."

"No, what?"

"Really, I'll tell you later." She gives you another one of those looks. She's silent the rest of the drive out.

There's a sharp bark from within when you knock on Mr. Hagerman's door, and a chocolate Labrador snuffles excitedly at you as the teacher lets you in. You stroke and play with the dog as Mr. Hagerman tries to control it.

This is the first time you've been to his house, but Christine—Sydney—of course knows it inside and out, and she settles you in a cramped living room while she fetches a couple of microbrewery beers from the kitchen. "Here's to our newest brothers," she toasts after she's joined you on the sofa. You and she clink bottles while Mr. Hagerman, seated in a low-slung chair with the dog between his knees, raises his. "Oh God!" Christine gasps and coughs after a swallow of beer. "Turns out," she chokes out, "Christine hates beer!"

You're not used to it either, but you swallow it down while kneading the back of Christine's neck with your free hand. She smiles toothily at you. "Are we gonna take this slow?" she asks.

"We got all night."

"Oh? Are we spending the night here?"

"Well ... Until two, at least."

Christine lays her beer aside, and heaves herself up to straddle you.

"Zi," she says, cradling your face between her hands. "I love you so much."

"I love you too, babe."

"Then how come we're still wearing our clothes?"

* * * * *

You move into the bedroom, throwing your clothes to the floor, and clasping your narrow, naked bodies atop the bedspread. You start off on top, furrowing her deeply while stroking her side with a free hand; she sucks on the thumb of your other. After cooling down from that, you burrow under the sheets to poke and pinch and giggle at each other until you're aroused again, and you take her a second time. You're hot and sweaty afterward, and throw off the bedclothes to lay panting beside each other. There have been soft noises from outside—Mr. Hagerman doing some housework, it sounds like, and at one point he leaves with the dog and returns a little later. After a long recuperation period, and Christine has stroked you erect again, she rolls you onto your back and says it's time to put on a performance. She calls Mr. Hagerman in and orders him to sit in the wicker chair in the corner of the room. He dutifully watches as she lowers herself onto you. She gasps and gurgles and finally screams as you thrust into her from below.

This is so incredible! you find yourself thinking in a weirdly distracted state. My girlfriend's a freaking exhibitionist, and she's doing it in front of a teacher in his bed!

But that's nothing to the sequel she has planned.

"Does that make you horny?" she pants at Mr. Hagerman after you and she have both cum. "Do you want some of it?" she asks after he nods. "How much do you want it?"

"Real bad," the teacher croaks. Even in the dim bedroom, you can see the sweat shining on his broad forehead, under his golden, curly hair.

"Enough to bridle your soul to the service of Baphomet?"

What? you think with a start.

"Say it," Christine tells Mr. Hagerman. "Say it if you really want it. Say, 'I bridle my soul to Baphomet'."

"Sydney?" you interrupt.

"I bridle my soul to Baphomet," Mr. Hagerman says in a strained voice.

"Then show me," Christine says. "You know what to do."

"Sydney?" You struggle beneath her.

She clambers off, but hushes you. "Watch this," she says as she pulls you upright. "We're going to have to help him."

"Help him with what?" you ask as Mr. Hagerman stands up and pulls his shirt off.

"You'll see. It's amazing! Now, get up behind me."

You put away your disquiet as Sydney directs you to kneel on the bed and embrace her from behind. Under her direction, you clasp her about the waist with one hand, and with the other you stroke and press and push your fingers into her clit. Moaning, she squeezes and massages her bare breasts. You are facing Mr. Hagerman, who taken all his clothes off, disclosing his trim, muscled form, and his hardened cock. You watch over Christine's shoulder as he sits back in the chair with—

You blink. He is holding the meditation wand.

As you push your fingers deeper into Christine from behind, and as she moans and rolls her head, Mr. Hagerman stares at her, unblinking, as he squeezes and massages the shaft of the wand. Faster and hard he works, the sweat popping out on his brow and pouring down his face. He quickens his pace as Christine quickens her breath. She writhes in your embrace, and when she releases a breast and grabs your hand, forcing it farther up inside her, and shrieks—

There's a break in her labored breathing, and she sags against you. But then she rallies and tries forcing herself to a higher frenzy. Again, there's a break, a retreat, a recovery, a greater effort ... Mr. Hagerman's hand flies up and down the shaft of the wand ... Christine gabbles and pants ... waves of heat roll over you ... Christine's head shakes and rolls ... Mr. Hagerman's cock, waving loosely, spurts and bobbles ... Christine screams once ...

Then she falls forward off the bed, tumbling to her hands and knees at the teacher's feet. Fear jolts through you, and jump down to clutch at her. "Are you okay?" you ask.

Her face is a blazing crimson as she glares up at Mr. Hagerman.

"God damn it!" she roars at him. "What is wrong with you?"

* * * * *

What is wrong with him? She has to explain it, because of course you don't know how it was supposed to go right!

"It was the wand that was supposed to ejaculate!" she yells as Mr. Hagerman cringes under her glower. "Eww!" she says as she takes a step, and jerks her bare foot off the floor.

"The wand was supposed to cum?" you ask.

"Yes! Like a light show, like the aurora borealis!" She snatches the wand from Mr. Hagerman's grasp and frowns fiercely at it. "I got it to do it yesterday! I was thinking of you while I was—"

She breaks off to give you a hooded, sidelong glance, and smooches the side of your mouth.

"It's the first step in a string of ceremonies," she continues, "and one of the stages you have to pass through to reach The Fulfillment of Baphomet." She glares at the teacher. "You weren't supposed to be the one that that came."

"I'm sorry, Christine," Mr. Hagerman says in a small voice.

She shakes her hair out and takes a deep breath.

"Well, okay," she says, and turns to you. "I guess we'll just have to try it again. From the top."

* * * * *

So you do it all again. Several times, in fact. Bed-shaking attempts at sex meant to arouse Mr. Hagerman to frenzies of sympathetic ecstasy. The pedisequos gets off on it every time. But it's the wrong kind of ejaculate, Sydney fumes, from the wrong place, every time.

You have to end it before ten, finally, because you just can't keep up, and Christine takes you home. To your mom, who was waiting up for you, you explain that you were at a friend's house all night. Exhausted, you brush your teeth and go to bed.

You wake the next morning to a text from Christine. I think I figured it out, she says, and it's bad news if I'm right. Brothers need souls to do the ceremonies, and I don't think the fakes have souls.

That might be for the best. Even without the intended light show, last night's performance frightened you.

Next: "People Without Souls

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