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Are we all crazy or saved?
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Kwai Chang Caine, Jesus Christ and Muzzy

"You should not waste your money on games of chance," Jesus remarked to Muzzy.
Muzzy bowed his head to Jesus, "Rabbi I could win millions of dollars for the poor."
Kwai Chang Caine shrugs as he waits for Muzzy to pay for the tickets, "Do you feel lucky?"
Muzzy smiles, "I won't know if I don't buy a ticket."
Kwai Chang Caine shrugs, "When you are content to simply be yourself you do not need luck."
Jesus buys a coke slushy, "This is delicious."
The cashier Sara Madursaglu queries, "Are these Roman coins?"
Muzzy slips his bank card in and enters his pin number, "I'll pay for Jesus' slushy."
Kwai Chang Caine gives a toothy smile and buys an apple with silver dollars.
Sara looks at the coins' dates, "1835?"
Muzzy offers to pay for Kwai Chang Caine's apple.
"I'm keeping these. I'll pay for the apple," Sara replies with an A.O.C' smile.

Reflections~ The Tao is called the Great Mother: empty yet inexhaustible.
It gives birth to infinite worlds. It is within you and around you.

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