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I am using an old book to do a Space Log Blog and Spiritual Blog with Chris Breva.
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Memorable Birthdays
Prompt: Lyn is turning 65 and she asked us to write about memorable Birthdays.

It would take a decade! My 60Th Birthday, my husband bought me an Elsa Frozen cake. I love Elsa and Frozen. He bought me Elsa and Anna dolls. Keep in mind, my Birthday is 4 days before Christmas so I get double gifts. My son moved to Minnesota and Oregon and I miss him being here at my Birthday and Christmas. I always get nice things for my Birthday.

One year, my daughter-in-law's father said: "Happy Birthday Snookers! You are too old to be a Hooker!" That was when I turned 55. My nickname was Snookers. Grandpa called me that and 2 days before he died, he called me Snookers. I let it go. He was sick.

My 11TH Birthday, I had friends over and I got a Twiggy Doll, watch, ink pens, zebra pins, road runner pins, perfume, stationery, wallet and ID Bracelet, clothes and money.

When Mom, Dad and I lived in Arkansas, the neighbors gave me a party. I got a cake with a cat on it. My grandparents were where visiting as well from Indiana. My friends gave me a beer party when I turned 18. I Had a boyfriend who bought me a rose necklace and earrings to match. Some guy hid behind the Christmas tree and jumped out and said "Happy Birthday!" Some other guys came over and had drank beer and smoked and were feeling no pain.

I had a party when I was 6 years old and got a Wedding doll and a 8 year old boy hugged me and I slapped him. I saw him when I was 18. He was cute. It was like I will take that hug now but I didn't say it.

These are some of my Birthday memories. Maybe someday, I will write more of them.

Beautiful image of Elsa and Nokk, the Water Horse.

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