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The main character dies then a divine dragon reincarnates him to defeat the demon lord
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The protagonist woke up in the middle of a black void with nothing around him as he was floating through space, he looked
down his body to see he had white skin and still had his white boots, blue shorts, red wrist bands, his red shirt, and his
blue undershirt he tried to peace together on how he got here wherever here is until he heard a loud deep booming voice.
"Awake at last Austin Ryu." said the voice
The young man who's name is Austin looked up to see a massive gold dragon that has a body to span multiple galaxies, he
glared at Austin with massive red glowing eyes, he was also speaking in a langue that Austin could understand even thought he never heard of it before in his life.
"Who are you?" asked Austin with courage and determination in his voice
"Haha no fear in my presence I like you already Austin, as to who I am, I'm Ryujin the god of all dragons." said Ryujin
"Where am I exactly, is this Pandemonium?" asked Austin
"Not exactly this is my domain and the reason why you're here is because you died a noble death." said Ryujin
"I, I remember now there was a home on fire and the fire department was two hours away, I ran in with no hesitation and
rescued the family then I saw some gas close to the flames and their five year old child was close to the blast, I ran to
the child and used my back to shield the child before I heard the explosion happen I guess I died after that because all I
remember after that was darkness." said Austin
"Yes that's right, but your heroic deed won't go unnoticed by us gods, we've made a new world for you its similar to what
you humans call an MMORPG game, you'll go on a journey around the world to gather allies and get stronger to defeat him,
also there will be laws that won't be on Earth, also we will allow you to take one item with you to this world whenever
its real or not." said Ryujin
Austin was silent for a moment before making his decision.
"I would like to take my families Tang with me to this world please." said Austin
"You're families Tang?" asked Ryujin
"Yes, I know it's nothing special but its a family heirloom and I don't like it just sitting around at my house collecting
dust or just someone who's going to enter the house and sell it at a pawn shop for a high amount of cash I would like it
if it was with me in this world where it can still be useful to help fight the demon lord." said Austin
Ryujin looked into Austin's green eyes and saw he was serious causing the dragon god to smile.
"Very well you're family's Tang will appear beside you in the dungeon where you'll reincarnate in, I'll have the goddess
of the forge make some adjustments to it to help you advance in the new world, now go Austin Drake a new world and new
life awaits you." said Ryujin
Austin was then shot with a massive beam of light from Ryujin's maw blinding him, after a few seconds Austin's eyes
adjusted to the brightness to see he was in a cave with a bunch of illuminating crystals that lit said cave.
'This must be the dungeon that Ryujin was talking about where I would appear, let's have a look at my stats.' thought Austin
A screen then appeared in front of Austin to show he was at level one with level one stats.
'Well we all have to start somewhere.' thought Austin
Austin then looked to his right to see a tang lying on the ground with a dragon head on the hilt, said boy smiled seeing his family's sword right in front of him, he then walked to said sword picked it up and reviewed its stats.
'Name: Drake Tang, Rarity: Legendary, Attack: 1,350, Resistance: 1,100, and Effects: Fire damage, wind damage, earth damage, water damage, light damage, dark damage, magic enchanted, and unbreakable.'
'Wow guess I owe the goddess of the forge a major favor for upgrading my families sword.' thought Austin
Austin then hoisted the Tang on his back, shortly after he did that he heard footsteps behind him causing him to draw his
Tang and turned to the source of the noise to see a western purple dragoness with orange wings, yellow belly, horns, spikes, and tail along with a black dragoness with white claws and hors with red underbelly and wings with a silver tail tip walking towards Austin, when both of dragoness was just a few feet away from Austin they let out a loud roar causing said human to get into battle stance, he then looked at his opponent's stats and to his shock both dragonesses were at level fifty.
'Okay so I don't think attacking her will lead me to victory, maybe I can use my speed and disarm them through pressure points.' thought Austin
Both dragonesses then launched a fire ball at Austin but he dodge it then ran at the dragonesses and jumped over them then touched certain parts of their wings making them paralyzed, when Austin landed behind the dragonesses he quickly tapped on their tails to paralyzed it as well, when the dragonesses tried to move her wings and tail they couldn't move them at all, this caused them to let out an agitated roar at Austin before they shot a wind blast at Austin, but the young man was able to dodge the attack and made his way towards the dragonesses left rear legs and hit the pressure point on it causing it to be paralyzed, the purple dragoness then shot a beam of light towards Austin while the black dragoness shoot a dark beam but he was able to dodge both attacks again but barely.
'I need to finish this now I'm almost exhausted from dodging all of their attacks and paralyzing their limbs.' thought Austin
The dragonesses then launched a bolder at Austin but he was able to dodge it along with a stream of water, he then paralyzed the remaining legs along with their neck causing the dragonesses to fall to the ground on their belly, they tried to move any limb in their body but they couldn't move their body at all, both of them then saw Austin standing above them with his tang ready to swipe at their heads.
"Do both of you yield?" asked Austin
The dragonesses looked at Austin straight in the eyes and saw he was willing to kill them if he need to, but the truth was nether of them didn't want to die yet so she let out a low growl to say that she yield, Austin then pulled up his stats to see his level skyrocketed up to level one hundred along with his stats, he then dismissed the screen and put the Drake Tang back into its sheath.
"You two should be able to move your limbs again right, about, now." said Austin
The dragonesses then felt they were able to move their limbs again, both of them then got off the ground and started to walk away from Austin, but when when they were a few feet away they looked back at Austin in the eyes.
"Alright, alright I'll follow you two." said Austin
Austin then followed the dragonesses to who knows where in the dungeon.
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