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The main character dies then a divine dragon reincarnates him to defeat the demon lord
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First two party members/Alicorn Knight and Bovine Hybrid
Austin followed the dragonesses to the deepest part of the dungeon where they entered a cave filled with gold everywhere.
"Nice stash, but I doubt this is all you wanted me to see isn't it." said Austin
The dragonesses smiled then changed into a monster girl form, they still had their purple/black scales, yellow. red features, and orange/red wings, but now the purple dragoness had yellow hair reaching down to her ass and the black dragoness had white hair reaching down their ass.
"Your smarter then a normal human, I like that my name is Spyra my friend over their is Cynder." said the dragoness
"Austin Ryu." said Austin
"Your last name is dragon?" asked Cynder
"That's because my ancestor on my father's side of the family healed a dragon back in my homeland, he was disowned by his father for doing something he didn't do, he was wondering aimlessly through some woods and found a male dragon that was heavily wounded from a dragon slayer, so he healed the dragon and as thanks he raised my ancestor and gave him a new family name Ryu." said Austin
"How honorable and brave of your ancestor, but lets get back on topic, the reason why we brought you here is because we have a proposition for you." said Spyra
"I'm listening." said Austin
"You plain on becoming an adventure right, well I can give you a head start on funds by letting you have all the gold of my hoard so you can buy a house to sleep in, instead of staying in a stable." said Cynder
"A tempting offer, but what do you get out of this?" asked Austin
Spyra and Cynder then blushed and then they started to tapped their index fingers together before Spyra said "Well we're kind of lonely down here and not many adventures make it down this far into the dungeon even though its a beginners dungeon so we were hopping to come with you on your adventure."
"Hmm, well you two did put up a good fight when I fought both of you, you both do have multiple breath attacks, and you're both high level dragon so sure I can use the company." said Austin
"Really, thank you Austin." said Cynder as she and Spyra embraced Austin in a hug which he returned
"Your welcome Spyra and Cynder but let me make one thing clear (Austin then leaned into Spyra's and Cynder's ear and whispered to them) I know female dragons want to have children to raise but with the demon lord alive I think it would be wise to hold off on having a family until we defeat him we can still have sex if you two want but I want to hold off on having a family till the demon lord is dead, do I make myself clear." Austin said then he blew into Spyra's and Cynder's ear
Both dragoness shivered from the breath in their ear and seeing on how Austin defeated them in battle showing he was stronger then them, their reproductive instincts were telling to obey Austin and they couldn't fight against their instincts but at the same time they understood Austin was just trying to make sure their child doesn't get kidnaped.
"Yes Austin we understand." said Spyra
"Good, now do you have a way to store all of your gold someplace so we don't have to do multiple trips?" asked Austin
"Yes we can put all of it into a pocket dimension where only I can get to it, we also have some armor that can stay on us in this form and our dragon form and I also have a scythe while Spyra has sword that we enchanted ourselves so we can use our magic with it." said Spyra
"Alright then cast the spell and get your equipment." said Austin
Spyra and Cynder then got all of their gold into a pocket dimension then she went to the back of her cave, after five minutes they came back wearing armor fitted for a dragon and Cynder had a two handed scythe on her back while Spyra claymore in its sheath on her back, the three of them then made their way out of the dungeon and found them selves in a forest.
"There they are boys get those rare monster girls and we'll live the luxury life forever." said a male voice
Austin looked at Spyra and Cynder and both of them looked at Austin, all three of them nodded their heads and went in the direction of the voice, three minutes latter they found several male bandits corning an Alicorn with white horse fur and black hair tied in a pony tail with heavy armor, armed with a sword, lance, and a bow and arrow, and a minotaur with white hair up front with bangs on the side and red hair in the back with bangs on both sides of her face against a cliff where some bandits were armed with bows and arrows.
"You two take care of the bandits on the cliff if they have a high point to shoot arrows it will be difficult to dodge them, if you can take them alive do it if not kill them, don't do anything until I take down the first guy at the bottom of the cliff." said Austin
"Got it." said Spyra and Cynder
Spyra and Cynder then flew to a nearby tree and waited, Austin then made his way quietly towards the group at the base of the cliff.
"Alright girls this is your last chance either you can either surrender quietly and come with us to the slave auction or we can use force to capture you and put you in the cage." said the bandit leader
Austin then made his way towards the closest bandit and knocked him out, when the body hit the ground the other bandits looked towards the fallen body but before any of the bandits could say or do anything there was a loud scream from the top of the cliff causing the bandits to look at the source only for them to leave themselves open so Austin knocked then all out and they fell to the ground.
"You two alright?" asked Austin
"Yeah we're fine thanks to you and your friend." said the alicorn
"Glad to hear it, Spyra and Cynder if you have any slavers knocked out up there bring them down bring them down we'll put them in the cage they were plaining on using to transport them to the nearest town and hand them over to the guards." said Austin
"You got it." said Spyra and Cynder
Austin opened the cage and began to place the bandits that he knocked out into it, Spyra then came down with the bandits she knocked out and did the same.
"How did you get a purple and black dragoness to join you and on that note where did you find them?" asked the Minotaur
"Austin actually beat us in battle when he was still level one and we were level fifty and we found him in a beginner dungeon." said Spyra
"A-A beginner dungeon why were you two there of all places when your dragon species is suppose to be strong enough to take on an army from any kingdom?" asked the alicorn
"Because it was the least expected place for anyone to find her, think about it if you were a rare species of some kind would you expect to find them in a high level dungeon where you would most likely find them or a low level dungeon where you least expect to find them." said Austin
The alicorn and minotaur thought about what Austin said and came to a conclusion.
"You have a point there, I'm Leena the hybrid minotaur and this is Eclipse the alicorn knight." said Leena
"I'm Austin Ryu and this is Spyra and Cynder." said Austin
"No offence Leena but you look like a normal minotaur to me." said Cynder
"None taken I get that a lot, the truth is that my father was a regular minotaur while my mother was milk producing minotaur." said Lena
"So you have traits of both species?" asked Austin
"Exactly." said Leena
"What about you Eclipse you don't seem like a normal alicorn, no offence." said Spyra
"None taken, and your right in addition to having the wings of a Pegasus, the magic of a unicorn, the dream spells from nightmares, and the body of a regular centaur I also have the speed of a light weight centaur, the strength of a heavy weight centaur, and the exceptional amount of milk from daily breed centaur, in short I have all the traits of every centaur race inside of me from both sides of my family." said Eclipse
"Wow, I can see why the slavers wanted to capture you both so badly." said Austin as he loaded the last bandit into the cage
"Well that's the last one, it was nice to meet the two of you hopefully our paths will cross again." said Austin
"Um about that." said Lenna
"What's wrong?" asked Cynder
"Well you see the two of us follow the warriors code." said Eclipse
'Oh no I hope this doesn't lead to what I think it is.' thought Austin
"Since Austin saved us from a life worse then death we owe him a debt that we can't repay through money." said Lenna
"So you basically owe him a life debt." said Spyra
"Yes exactly." said Eclipse and Leena
"Do I get a say in any of this?" asked Austin
"No you don't." said Eclipse and Leena
Austin sighed at the long road that awaited him on his quest to defeat the demon king.
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