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The main character dies then a divine dragon reincarnates him to defeat the demon lord
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Guild Naming/Abandon Castle to live in
We see the group of five walking towards the nearest town from their current location, pulling the carriage with the knocked out slavers was Austin who wasn't sweating from the exercise.
"Master if you want I could take over pulling the carriage." said Eclipse
"Eclipse if I told you once, I told you a thousand times I can handle pulling the carriage to the town besides your an alicorn not a horse." said Austin
Eclipse sighed but smiled none the least, she was happy that Austin wasn't using her like a horse like normal people would when they saw her.
"So how long have you been with Austin you two?" asked Leena
"I would say about two hours in the dungeon that we were in, it took us an hour to reach our lair and another hour to get out of the dungeon." said Spyra
"So you got to learn more about him while you two walked out of the dungeon." said Leena
"Well yes but were not going to talk about his personal information, you see Austin is the first male friend that we had ever the other male dragons just wanted to mate with us because of our species power so they can just boast that they have us as a mate." said Cynder
"I get it you two I won't press the matter any further." said Leena
"Alright girls we're here." said Austin
The group then arrived at the entrance to a farming village where there were guards at the entrance that halted them.
"What's the reason for visiting this town?" asked the guard on the right
"We were hopping to see if this town had a guild for us to register so we can become adventures, also we have some slavers in this cage that we were hopping to turn over to you." said Austin
The guard on the left then pulled out a clip board then went over to the cage and checked the slavers identities when he got to the leader his eyes widen in shock.
"Congratulations young man, their leader has a reward of 1,000,000 gold for his capture, we'll notify our captain about this and he'll give you the reward money, as for the guild you'll find it in the town square straight ahead of you it has a huge building with a red roof, just don't be surprised if its not packed like the other guilds." said the guard with the clipboard
Austin was a little confused by what the guard said but he just shrugged his shoulders and went to the town square, the building wasn't that hard to find since it was the only one that stood out from the rest of the town, when the group entered said building there were only staff cleaning the place and a girl standing behind a counter cleaning what was behind it, a waitress then saw the group and walked up to them.
"Welcome are you all here to dine?" asked the waitress
"Actually we're hopping to sign up to become members of the guild." said Austin
"Y-You are, oh thank Eris and Ryujin at last we have some people who are wanting to join the unnamed guild of this unnamed town." said the waitress
"Did something happen to the other members of the guild?" asked Spyra
"Not exactly, Luna can fill you in on the details." said the waitress as she pointed to the counter
The waitress then went back to cleaning with the others while the group shrugged their shoulders and made their way to the counter, when they were at the counter they saw the girl Luna was a well-endowed women with fare skin, wavy blond hair tied back in a bun, and gold color eyes she was wearing a red ribbon around her neck, a white off the shoulder low cut top that revivals a large amount of her chest, with black shoulder and sleeve cuffs, low rise jean shorts, and short brown boots, after a few seconds of cleaning Luna turned around to face the group.
"Thank you all for waiting I'm Luna, I over heard that you five want to join this guild is that correct?" asked Luna
"Yes that's right, how come this town or the guild don't have a name and on that note what happen to the other members?" asked Cynder
"We don't have any members here, and the reason why this town doesn't have a name is because this guild doesn't have a name." said Luna
"Huh?" said the group
"To put it simply when a guild office like this one is made to take request, when the first person joins the guild they automatically have the right to name the guild and the name of the guild is then the name of the town." said Luna
"Then how come no one from this town has signed up to become a member?" asked Eclipse
Luna sighed before saying "Unfortunately all the inhabitants of this town are farmers which means they have crops to attended to so they don't have time to be off on an adventure, now which one of you wants to be the first member to join our guild?"
The four girls that accompanied Austin quickly stepped back shocking him, the young man turned around to say something but all the girls gave him an innocent smile and a thumbs up causing him to sigh and look back at Luna.
"What would you like to name the guild sir?" asked Luna
"For starters what are the names of the other guilds and how many are there?" asked Austin
"There are three other guilds the wealth guild which is home to nobles and they're the most powerful because each member is from a noble family and they have access to enchanted weapons and armor, the warriors guild that have normally powerful weapons and strong armor but they don't welcome magic users, and there's the mage guild that is the opposite of the warriors guild both are tied for seconded strongest." said Luna
Austin closed his eyes and thought for a moment about a name for the guild till it came to him.
"The Union Guild." said Austin
"Union Guild?" asked the girls
"I want to make a guild that people can count on and won't take advantage of them in their state, plus I'm hopping to unite all of the races together to defeat the demon lord and hopefully make peace with each race." said Austin
The four girls pondered Austin's speech and smiled when they were done pondering.
"I like that idea." said Eclipse
"I'm all for it." said Leena
"Then it looks like its settled then." said Luna
"Great now we just need to find a place for all of us to live in." said Austin
"Well, there's an abandon castle over looking the town." said Luna
"An abandon castle, who use to live in it?" asked Austin
"We don't know, there's no history to be found about the castle anywhere in the country." said Luna
"Well I guess we can look at this castle before we deiced if we want to live in it." said Austin
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