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by Ned
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The Birthday Party

December 1

Been thinking about my birthday. Just a few more days until I hit that milestone, man. You know, age is just a number, but there are ages that you reach and just wonder - what the hell am I doing with my life? So, I have been trying to answer that question. I think you know the answer. I mean, I know you’re there. I see the stats on the blog, man. I know you’re out there reading, but you never comment, never tell me what to do.

December 3

Damn, it was cold today. I snuck out for a smoke while the boss was in a meeting, thought my fingers were gonna drop off. That blonde in the corner office was watching me again from her window. She’s definitely the one who reported me for smoking out back. I don’t need any more trouble with the boss. Not when it’s almost my birthday. Hey, had a thought about that. I think the basement has possibilities. Could have quite a party down there. I think I know who I will invite, LOL. Yeah, it’s gonna be a helluva party. If you message me, I’ll give you directions and you can enjoy the party, too.

December 4

Spent the afternoon cleaning out the basement. There’s enough room down there for my birthday plans. Just need a table, maybe a couple of chairs. You would be proud of me if you knew what kind of party I have in mind. Keep reading, you’ll see. I wish you would talk to me, man. We have so much in common. I mean, you’re kind of my hero. I love how you refused to take any crap from anyone.

December 5

Got fired today. It was her, that blonde on the second floor. How crappy a person do you have to be to get someone fired over a cigarette? I might just invite her to my birthday party. Ha, ha. I hear ya. “She’s so stuck up, she would never come to your party.”
Maybe. Maybe she thinks she’s better than me and maybe you think so, too. But maybe she won’t be able to refuse. Two more days. Get back to me, man.

December 6

Checking the stats on the blog today. I swear, you’re my only fan. I sent your invitation. I know you got it, I got the address from your mother. The least you could do is respond. I deserve a little respect, here! Damn you! I told you everything, man. I trusted you with all my plans and you can’t even give me a thumbs up or say “hi”? Did you get the directions for the live stream in the DM? I don’t want you to miss a thing, so don’t mess up and get yourself banned from your usual computer time. If you end up confined to your cell, you’ll be sorry. It’s gonna be that intense.

December 7

A day that will live in infamy, haha! That’s what my granddad used to say. It had something to do with World War Two, he was like in the army or navy or something, I think. When I was little, I thought it was funny. But in high school, I found out it was some enemy attack and lots of people died. It did kind of piss me off that he always said that about my birthday, like it was some terrible day that everyone should wish never happened. How do you like that? My own granddad wished I was never born.

I’m gonna start the live stream. I hope you’re tuned in, this is all in your honor, you know. Guess who came? Yup, she’s here. She’s not looking too happy about it, either. But she can’t complain, she can’t even speak with that rag in her mouth. No more complaining for her, haha! You should have seen her eyes when she saw the knives and the power tools on the table.

Do you understand now? It’s a re-creation, man. It’s your last murder, that one where the victim got out and crawled to the street before she died. But this one won’t get away. Got her tied up tight to that chair, man. This one's for you. Waiting for you to join the live stream, man. Come on, it’s my birthday!

Word Count:703

Prompt: Scariest Birthday Ever

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