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To Leave or not to Leave
Do you think that anyone is still alive out there?

Well, we would know if you had remembered to install an antenna, wifi, or just a basic tv cable to this place so that we could actually get messaging from out there. Instead, you filled the bunker with loo roll!

Yes, yes, water under the bridge now, but do you?

Well, there was a lot of panic when we went underground, people were only just starting to die then. But it was spreading like wildfire. We made the right choice coming into the shelter.

Yes, but is it safe now?

We have plenty of food and water, we could last another 3 years if we have to. We have our windmill up there generating electric power and solar panels also. Our recycling unit and well provide us with all the water we need and we have enough to do to fill the days.

Playing Warcraft all day and watching Star Trek repeats every night is not a life, don't you think it is time we actually met real people again. I have not seen a woman in a year.

Seven of Nine is a real woman and hotter than most of the women out there!

You're scared aren't you Wilson. You are dodging my question because you are scared of what we might find if we open the hatch and go out there and find out for ourselves.

Well, what if they have all died and wild beasts roam the streets eating the corpses? What if they all turned into Zombie cannibals? What if civilization has collapsed and they are all starving and want to steal our food? What if aliens invaded during the chaos and took over the world?

Oh, come on what are the chances of any of that, really!? I think we need to open the hatch and have a look. Look at it this way, do you want to spend your life dreaming of Seven of Nine or do you want to actually meet her in the flesh, and maybe if you are lucky one day even give her a real hug...Wilson, what is the matter?

You know I do not stand a chance with Seven of Nine, besides she must be like 50 now, but in this palace of solitude, she is always with me. I will have to leave her here with the DVDs.

Oh good grief Wilson, I am opening the hatch.

OK... goodbye Seven of Nine, it is time we started seeing other people.

Here we go...
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