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A Walk in the Park
Thoughts caged in digital packets
Lightspeed sharing of stress everywhere
The computer fan is making a racket
As it processes pain and despair

The darkness spreads like a growing storm
Blue lightning rips our souls apart
My heart pounds in this brainstorm
Overstuffed by work I depart

My inner music is 'heavy metal'
As I turn into the park
Restless and unsettled
I turn away from the dark

Sound sensitive I ignore
Screaming babies, children laughing
Walk on past the human roar
It is for peace that I am seeking

Moving deeper into forest trees
Into a glade where my skin feels
the warmth of a gentle breeze
Begging for mercy my soul kneels

Eyes open to a blue sky
with space to lose all memory
My prayers unload in a mighty sigh
A world that seemed in jeopardy

Here birds sing only for me
The wind rustles in the leaves
Unconnected I can simply be
Wired to what God conceives

Artificial thoughts bleed away
Pixeled patterns are forgotten
Wild and free I breathe the day
Forgetting all that was rotten

My nostrils flare and I smell
the forest and the flowers of June
As God breaks the angry spell
My heart sings a brand new tune
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