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Are we all crazy or saved?
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FOX NEWS and scandal...

Isn't it strange?
It almost seems that FOX NEWS wants scandal.
Silly rabbit tricks are for kids.
Did General Millie do a no-no?
We will never know.

Of all the murders in the country, Gabby is center stage.
Is she murdered?
Maybe or she's taking a long walk.
Strange, her man is letting a lawyer answer for him.
I don't know.

Who is the Afghanistan government?
Who is the Taliban?
I thought they were a bunch of tribes.
Did not the C.I.A. make them up?
Or that was the Syrian terrorist ISIS.

Does it really matter?
American citizens are trapped on the runway!
Hundreds of thousands of American citizens are still trapped.
This is Afghanistan.
There is no way to win.

I wonder what Dana Perina thinks.
Maybe, Jessie Watters or Jeff Gutfield will say something.
I am an old viewer with a stroke disability.
Give the Taliban some money.
You might get some Americans' return.

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