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Are we all crazy or saved?
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What are we doing?

Muzzy considers the situation at the border.
"Hmm. Back in the day people were happy with a border."
He ponders as Jesus walks over.
"Do you think we could get some Coca~Cola Slushy?"
That's an odd thing to ask.

We have an illegal immigrant problem.
Muzzy takes Jesus to get some Slushy.
"You know we had census back in the day."
Jesus states.
Muzzy looks at Jesus "Basically for taxes."

"Exactly." Jesus remarks.
How do you maintain the border with Texas?
You have to block them from illegal immigration.
Do all these illegal immigrants people have to be deported?
"Apparently." Jesus remarks.

The illegal immigrant will not go peacefully.

Reflections~Many have gone into the country and disappeared.

"I am confused." Bob County.

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