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Are we all crazy or saved?
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Muzzy looks for a new James Bond,

I'm really horny. Wish I had my debonair looks.
But, I do have Muzzy. He doesn't worry about anything.
There are so many hot actresses. But, I digress.
I think the new James Bond will be female.

Muzzy laughs. The Bond he knows is an athletic sexy guy.
No one would accept a female Bond. She wouldn't be suave.
"Hello. The name is Janis Bond." Really?
Muzzy thinks hard about this. James Bond will be a man.

"Janis Bond at your service. Can I flip your hatch?"
Are audiences really going to put up with that?
Well, they do have herons. .. But, Bond has always been male.
That's crazy! "Don't get your knickers in a knot."

Muzzy shakes his head and looks sideways at the new Janis Bond.
"Na." He snickers and pictures the new James Bond in a suit.
That's a nice curve to the jacket.. .
They won't dare.. Would they?

Muzzy shakin not stured.
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