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Aunt Bessy vs. Uncle Clyde.
There's going to be a family gathering. Aunt Bessy is on her way. Uncle Clyde is too. One is bringing sweet-potato pie, the other ham-hocks and greens. Everyone is excited... but Aunt Bessie and Uncle Chuck haven't spoken in 20 years. Tell us what happens at this gathering.

🤦‍♀️ Red Dragon

Anything can happen. It depends on why they haven't spoken. Brother and Sister? Is the family large? If it's a large family and one of the people hasn't been there for a long time because of distance to travel? Probably, normal amounts of family that are gathered regularly have hashed out whatever situation is involved and lots of family gossip has already spoiled what could be a happy reunion. On the other hand maybe it is a planned reunion by both parties who are looking forward to the get together and it will end in a happy back patting day. So, as a writing prompt it tends to be a thought provoking scenario. I'm presently reading "No Visible Bruises," by Louise Snyder. Add this book to today's prompt and you have something real to think about when it comes to family gatherings.

As for me. I've been away for awhile. It started with insulating where the back porch meets the house. It was spoiled by a squirrel a couple years ago. When that was done every time I sat down to go online some household business intervened. One day, I sat down, logged on, and family members showed up. I did not know whether I was going to make logging in today or not but, here I am.

Last prompt found in my email is the 23. Life lessons? Study, read, learn, real things that develop the mind. Math, computer technologies, writing and using words to understand what is written. Think before you leap into any real life decision. Seek advice only from people who have your best interests at heart.

This will do for today. Happy Trails. Hope your day is sufficiently trouble free. Weather is getting cold faster so today I'm might put some of the storm windows on the back porch.

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