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Critical Race Theory's Three Beliefs
My Replies

1. There is no absolute truth—only competing narratives. It sees “lived experiences” as mattering more than facts.

My Answer:

Nothing matters more than facts. Feelings and Thoughts are NOT facts, they are feelings and thoughts. They are merely a personal, completely subjective reflection of facts. Lived experiences? These pushers of Critical Race Theory are not 80 year old people with a lifetime of systemic racism oppressing them all of their life.

These are children that have no clue what a tough life really is. They don't know our history as America, the many changes we've seen and they just don't seem to know that our Constitution is the only thing between us and complete tyranny. That is the one fact we all need to realize. Teachers need to teach our children about our history, not this fictional story of how our country is systemically racist. Working hard for what you want is not racist. It builds character, and makes one appreciate what one has.

2. Individuals are either an oppressor or victim. You are predetermined by immutable characteristics such as race to fall into either category. Culture is defined by groups exercising power over each other.

My Answer:

Dead wrong again. The only power play going on right now is Antifa and BLM pushing this Critical Race Theory down our throats. The Democratic Party is making the biggest power play in human history, so that they have all the power and control EVERY aspect of your life. They are not even the Democratic Party anymore, they are American Communist Marxists.

Socialism, Marxism, Communism DO NOT WORK. History has played this hand time and time again to the tune of millions of people starving to death, being incinerated in cremation ovens, and gassed in large quantities to be thrown into unmarked, mass graves.

We need to teach our children to READ, WRITE and do ARITHMETIC, not give them a lifetime of a pity party because they are born of one race or another. In this capitalist society they have the opportunity to change the circumstances they were born into by working hard, educating themselves and keeping their families together. There are no sacred cows.

3. America is systemically racist and must be dismantled. It sees America as having been founded on the system of capitalism, which is racist, and therefore must be disrupted.

My Answer:

How is Capitalism racist when it has lifted so many people out of poverty? We have lifted people out of poverty that have been there for centuries, due to their socialist/communist governments. Free markets and the ability to change your station in life is what capitalism is all about. Is it perfect? No, it is not perfect. But nothing in this life is perfect. You don't get something for nothing. You either work your butt off for it or you fail, until you do it again and do it right. If teachers fill our children's heads with this lying critical race theory, they will sentence them to a life time of poverty and slavery to the state governments that will determine everything they think, feel, eat, say, read or love. Sooner or later the middle class will be eliminated, and there will be no one left to tax and punish to give reparations to those who claim they deserve it.

Why would anyone want to be a victim? To think yourself incapable of making it on your own, becoming self sufficient. Do you really want to be depending on a Marxist government that lies to you all the time? A Marxist government that cheats in every election where your voice NEVER matters? A Marxist government that hates your country, hates you and everything you stand for? How depressing. That is what the Marxist Democratic party and this Critical Race Theory are offering you and your children..

The Marxist Democratic Congress, these Marxist people have stolen our money, our wealth, by taxing us to poverty, they have stolen our country, by cheating and lying and killing every thing that stands in their way of power, they have used our Constitution as toilet paper, and it is time we put a STOP to their tyranny.

Teachers need to teach our children the U.S. Constitution. What it means, it's real history and how we arrived at the final draft and where we are today. They need to teach our children to have pride in the greatest country on earth.

If America is so racist, why does everyone want to come here? Why are our borders being overwhelmed with refugees? Everyone wants to come to America, because it is the greatest country ever conceived.

This country was born of principals and ethics. A government was formed of “We the People”, by the people for the people. We are far from perfect, but we are the closest thing anyone has ever seen to Freedom, Liberty and Justice for all. I agree with Patrick Henry, “Give me Liberty! Or give me Death!”

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