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October NaNo prep Assignments
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October 1, 2021 - Assignment #1 What if...?

1. What if a kid had an imaginary friend who was naughty and got the kid into trouble?
2. What if there was a story about a family on Black Friday in the early 2000s? Kind of like a National Lampoons Vacation movie, but about Black Friday.
3. What if there was an earthquake that decimated an entire city and the whole area was without any services or power, but a kid survives with their dog?
4. What if an avocado could be a bully?
5. What if a person was able to see the minds of trees?
6. What if in the beginning people could talk to plants, animals, and everything that has life?
7. What if someone could use their mind to control any animal to do whatever they want?
8. What if a teacup Yorkie was the strongest dog alive?
9. What if there was a special pencil that had the power to grant wishes until it was sharpened away?
10. What if there was a genie that was trapped in a trash can until someone set them free?
11. What if there was a horse that could make anyone fall asleep?
12. What if an ant became the President?
13. What if all the people could understand any language?
14. What if no one could understand anyone else?
15. What if a bear was the smartest physicist in the world?
16. What if all of a sudden every car horn only made mooing noises like a cow?
17. What if for just one day all dogs switched with all cats?
18. What if all of a sudden everything that everyone says comes to pass, both good and bad worldwide? (Yikes)
19. What if there was a hat that made you see the thoughts of the last person to wear that hat?
20. What if there was an old lady that could make good cookies? Oh, wait....that is already a thing!
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