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Are we all crazy or saved?
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What is knowable for the People?

Zack walks along the Barberry hedges to Muzzy's house.
There are red berries and green leaves and thorns.
Zack ponders the knowledge the birds have as they eat the berries.
Where does this knowledge come from?
Instinct does not seem enough.

Zack rings Muzzy's door.
Muzzy answers the door and welcomes Zack in.
"Where do the birds learn to eat?" Zack queries.
"I suppose they just know from instinct." Muzzy answers.
Zack takes off his galoshes and places them by his coat at the coat rack.

"It's strange we can't know why they eat red berries off the Barbery the hedge?"
Zack presses on, "Shouldn't we know why we can't eat those berries?"
Zack accepts some tea from Muzzy as he is seated on the couch.
Muzzy seats himself opposite Zack with a cup of tea in hand.
"I hadn't thought about it." Muzzy rests back in his Napoleon Chair.

Muzzy puts down the tea and picks up the flat-top computer.
He searches for instinct and Barbery red berries.
"Instinct guides the birds, but we aren't certain how they got these instincts."
Muzzy states as he reads the computer.
"Well, then I call them God's creatures," Zack concludes.
Muzzy takes some more tea.

Bob County
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