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October NaNo prep Assignments
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October 2, 2021 Assignment 2: Premise

1. Setting:
This story will take place in a small mountain town in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Northern California

2. Protagonist:
My main character is a boy, about twelve years old, who has an imaginary friend. He is average in height for his age. He looks like every other twelve year old boy (brown hair, brown eyes, average build, a little clumsy, smart but no genius). He is quiet and reserved. The boy is very introverted, but is sociable when he needs to be. He doesn’t like crowds, but likes people for the most part. He is not very popular with his peers and talks to his imaginary friend a lot. He can see and touch his imaginary friend, but no one else sees or feels him. He is confused about why his imaginary friend is still around because the other kids his age don't have imaginary friends anymore, if they ever did.
(2b) Flaws:
The boy is not comfortable in his own skin, and lacks self confidence. He is not outgoing, but has a goodness in him that can't be explained. He is mostly honorable, but gets easily distracted by his imaginary friend. He is afraid of what others think of him and is self conscience.
(2c) Goals:
The boy just wants to be normal and have normal friends that are not imaginary. He wants to be like everyone else and not stand out. He wants to get rid of his imaginary friend because he is a bad friend.

3. Conflict(s):
The boy's imaginary friend is not just bad like he thinks, but is evil. He needs to figure out how to stop him.

4. Antagonist:
The boy's meets a new, and real human friend who can see the imaginary friend and helps the boy stop it. They help the boy to beat the "imaginary friend".

I have not yet chosen any names for any character.
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