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The guards come to fetch the taxes as always but this time the Drinly’s father doesn’t have them.

Drinly’s parents are killed and her home burnt. She is taken into Guy Coltin’s custody.

The Quest

Drinly’s quest is to marry into a higher rank as her father had wanted. So she is trying to gain Guy Coltin’s favor.

Drinly sneaks out for a ride and is stopped by the outlaws who she sees as a new adventure to claim.

Critical Choice
Drinly must choose whether she will stay and marry Guy Coltin and become a respected lady as her father wanted or if she will reject him and find her own way alone.

Will Scarlett gives Drinly another choice and a way out of marrying Guy Coltin and being trapped like a bird.

Forests safe place attacked and outlaws taken prisoner. Drinly being also taken back to Guy Coltin.

Cliff Hanger
Will finds Robin in hiding with a few of their people and Robin tells him it wasn’t Drinly’s doing and that Guy Coltin was taking her back to his home land. Will tries to save Drinly but Guy Coltin appears and wounds him badly. Guy Coltin tells Drinly that Will’s body was found.

Book 2

Drinly gives Guy trouble and tries to escape.

Rising Action
Guy Coltin offers her a proposal and she accepts.

Will Scarlett appears again in the story to give her another choice.

Falling Action
Drinly goes to the sheriff for protection to keep the outlaws safe. Guy goes into hiding and the sheriff grants her Guy Coltin’s land.

Falling Action

She visits the outlaws( and marries Will?) and they recieve word that the sheriff has been killed and upon investigation they believe Guy Coltin did the evil deed.

King Richard then makes his entrance into the story (righting the wrong and punishing the evil or does he{only if I want book three}) and has Guy hanged for the murder of his third cousin Sheriff Seddin. He leaves Drinly, Will Scarlett, and the outlaws be. (Will and Drinly marry) ----should they ever marry?----
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