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Are we all crazy or saved?
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What makes a great Saint!

Does anyone remember the Saint with Roger Moore?
That was great! The Saint was a secret agent...
Wanted to be James Bond, but he was caught in his contract to Saint.
So, it went to Sean Conery as James Bond which was great!

When I look through the Saints in anthologies I see suffering.
The real saints suffer for their faith in a God.
What are they suffering for? The higher truth...
Worldly pleasures are not fulfilling and God wants commitment.

Saint Africa wanted to be free of worldly European slavery.
At the tender age of seven, she sought peace and freedom for her people.
She was separated from her parents and her tribe by a rival tribe.
She was enslaved and sent to New England to be sold naked on an auction block.

There she was taught how to serve her masters.
Nevertheless, she sought to free herself and all slaves in the name of God.
She would tell other slaves to be proud of themselves.
And was beaten for it.

In the year 2031, she was given freedom.
She went to the talk show junket and exposed freedom.
Many supported her position.
She died a free woman on August 22, 2041.

Would there be a market for this story?
It has probably been told.

Bob County
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