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October NaNo prep Assignments
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October 15, 2021 - Assignment 15: Antagonist Profile

         Lester is the real antagonist, but is not a person, so I will focus on the bullying twins; Gary and Marcy.

         Though Marcy was born first, Gary is the leader of the siblings. They live in the poorest part of their town, and have an abusive father. The father does not physically or sexually abuse them, but is very cruel emotionally and mentally.
         Gary has always been a husky kid, often made-fun-of. He and Marcy are close to each other, and use their bond for emotional security. Marcy is very lonely and wants to have a good friend, who is a girl. She wants to be kind and doesn't always share in Gary's opinion, or beliefs, but is afraid to upset the balance or change the status quo. She is a follower, but not mean by nature.
         Gary is very mean, but is in a lot of emotional turmoil, because of the pressure from his dad, and his anger.
The two siblings feed on each other and become a monster, until they meet Lynn and everything changes.
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