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Prompt 2 / 2021 / Andre The Blog Monkey
Prompt 2: You put that stuffed monkey in the cabinet. In the closet, in the attic, but no matter where you tuck it, it always show back up at the bar. On Halloween night, you came in to find it watching you.

Dear Margaret:

I had a stuffed toy monkey in my house. It came from “ Andre The Blog Monkeys Banana Bar.” If you pull it’s tail it screeches loud monkey language. I posted a picture of it on the lost and found board with my phone number. No one ever claimed it..

I put it in a kitchen cupboard so the dog would not get it. When I walked into the kitchen it was sitting on the cabinet beside a bunch of bananas starring at me. So, I locked it in the glass curio cabinet. It starred at me all the time it was in there.

Erthala called. She was down at the Banana Bar sipping a banana daiquiri. So, I went down to the bar for awhile. While we were chatting about little things, I noticed a stuffed monkey sitting on the bar by a bunch of bananas It was starring at me. It looked just like the one I took home earlier in the day, a Golden Tarsier replica.

Andre was staggering around behind the bar drinking a banana daiquiri.

Andre where is Lilli?

He pulled up his tail and used it as a pointer to the floor behind the bar. Sure enough Lilli was sitting on the floor cleaning shelves behind the bar.

Lilli where did this stuffed monkey come from?

You mean Andre?

No. No. I don’t mean Andre. The stuffed toy sitting on the bar.

I never saw it before. Lilli stood up and yelled out, Anyone here own this stuffed monkey? No. No. I don’t mean Andre.

A lot of shaking heads but no one claimed the toy.

Take it home if you want people are always leaving things lay around. Lilli disappeared behind the bar.

When I returned home the curio cabinet was unlocked, standing open. The only toy monkey in the house was the one I was holding. I took a marker and marked one ear with a black mark. Then I tossed it into the closet under the stairs and closed the door firmly. When I walked into the kitchen it was sitting on the counter by the bunch of bananas starring at me. Margaret I won’t write what I was thinking at that point. My poor brain was strained.

Next day was Halloween, I had some shopping to do, so I threw the monkey in the trunk of the car and locked the trunk. When I finished shopping I stopped at the bar to see if anyone had claimed the monkey. When I walked inside the bar, a toy monkey was sitting on the bar beside a bunch of bananas. It had a black mark on one ear. I checked the trunk of the car there was no monkey in the trunk. I looked around. What the??

I went back in. Lilli was putting up decorations for the Halloween party. Lilli where is the monkey?

You mean Andre? He’s sleeping off the banana daiquiri he drank.

No. No I mean the stuffed toy Golden Tarsier monkey. It returned to the bar by itself!

By itself Apondia? How many Banana daiquiri have you had today?

None. But, I might need one if this keeps happening.

When I returned home it was sitting on the kitchen counter by the bananas starring at me.

The phone was ringing. I went to answer it. Hi. Lilli.

You left that toy monkey here. It is sitting on the bar by the bananas right now.

I looked in the kitchen it was gone. I’ll pick it up at the party. I did not tell her it was just in my kitchen, she wouldn’t believe it anyway.

OK. See you later.

After I was settled in my chair at the Halloween party the lights and music stopped. When they came back on a real Golden Tarsier monkey was sitting in a high chair at my table. It spent the whole night starring at me with it’s creepy bulging golden eyes. It starred at me from the high chair it sat in. It sat on Erthala's head and starred at me, It hung from a vine and starred at me. Guess what? It had a black mark on one ear. I pulled it’s tail and it tried to bite my hand. Later it was sitting on Andre’s shoulder as the monkey’s trouped out to the basement. It was starring at me as it went through the door. I waved.

More about Halloween later..


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