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October NaNo prep Assignments
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October 26, 2021 - Assignment 26: Minor Character Profiles

Lynn McQuaid

         Lynn is a new student at the school which Barney attends. She is outgoing, and has a very quick wit. She is also all about following the rules. She is not a troublemaker, and dislikes it when people are mean to others. Sometimes, when she sees an injustice, she calls out the wrong doing of the offender. Lynn has a sweet, but firm personality. She is a good friend, and is very loyal to those whom she chooses to be friends with. She is a very moral person and always tries to help others. She is a leader, and does not do anything that she knows in her heart is wrong, or tolerate peer pressure. She is a good student and has always gotten on the honor role.

Gary and Marcy

         Gary and Marcy are twins. Gary is the leader of the two, even though he is younger by three minutes. They do not have a very good home life and are not close with their parents. They have both been ignored by their mother, who is a drug addict, and abused by their father, the alcoholic. They are very close to one another, and rely only on each other for support. Gary is very angry because of his situation, and Marcy is very afraid of losing her brother, because she feels that Gary is all she has who cares for her. Because of this, she does everything that he says she should do.
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